Book Review | Charming by Jade Linwood

Charming by Jade Linwood is an enchanting YA fantasy that weaves beloved fairy tales into a magical story of betrayal and revenge. Thank you so much to Rebellion Publishing for a copy of the book and this beautiful PR package.

Prince Charming is a scoundrel. For years he has traveled from city to city with his manservant Roland, in tow on a fiendish quest to plunder the riches of unsuspecting damsels.He uses his dashing good looks, silver tongue and expert swordsmanship to save princesses in distress. Once he has liberated the damsels, he then proceeds to steal their hearts, swiftly followed by their kingdom’s treasure. That is until three of his victims band together to create an unlikely alliance in order to seek revenge…

I really loved the initial premise of Charming and thought this book started out really strong. I enjoyed the three harrowing tales that brought our heroines together. I also adored how beloved characters such as Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty were incorporated in order to create an almost Shrek-like world of twisted fairy tales.However, at around the halfway mark, I found my attention waning. There seemed to be a tremendous amount of set-up for very little payoff. Then ending felt so rushed and clumsy that it left my head spinning. I felt a little disappointed and unsatisfied by the conclusion.That being said, there were a huge amount of interesting and colourful characters. For the most part, it was lots of fun and outrageously camp.

Charming by Jade Linwood will be released July 25th and is available to preorder HERE.