Book Review | Final Offer by Lauren Asher

Thank you to Little Brown Book Group UK and NetGalley for providing me with an e-arc of Final Offer by Lauren Asher in exchange for an honest review.

Final Offer by Lauren Asher is the much anticipated third and final book in the Dreamland Billionaires series. We’ve already read Rowan and Declan’s story in The Fine Print and Terms & Conditions, now it’s time for Cal’s.

The Kane dynasty consists of three devastatingly handsome brothers and their repugnant father. After the death of their grandfather, each brother is set a task in order to claim their inheritance and finally ice their abusive father out of the Dreamland empire…

Cal is definitely the black sheep of the family. He’s a washed-up athlete that turned to alcohol and drugs at a young age. Before his downward spiral, he was in love with a girl, Lana, however, after suffering a career-ending injury and bearing the brunt of his father’s hostility after the death of his mother, Cal turns to alcohol and Oxy. Feeling worthless and depressed he turns his back on Lana, leaving her brokenhearted and completely devastated.

Six years later, the stipulations of his grandfather’s will demand that he returns to Lake Wisteria and spend the summer at the old family lake house. The only problem is, his name is not the only one on the deed.

As with Asher’s previous books, Final Offer has a dual POV which I absolutely adore in romance books. It would be so easy to dislike Cal. On the surface, he’s just a spoiled trust-fund baby that never grew up. In reality, his low self-esteem, his grief and his addiction, combined with his ADHD diagnosis, led him to rely on destructive and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Final Offer takes the second-chance love and small-town romance tropes and creates a really beautiful and heartwarming story that’s genuinely sweet and emotional. It’s a lot more touching than the other two books and although it contains Asher’s trademark sprinkling of spice, it’s actually pretty adorable.

I did feel like there were a few pacing issues. The middle part seemed to drag on and then the ending was over in a flash. There were also a lot of huge events that were glossed over in the epilogue that left me feeling a little blindsided.

I did however love how the Kane family reunited and interacted throughout the book. It gave me all the warm and fuzzy feelings to see all three brothers conquer their demons and create the family they deserved.

Perfect for fans of Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score and It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey.

Final Offer by Lauren Asher will be released on January 31st and is available to pre-order HERE.