Book Review | Godkiller by Hannah Kaner

Thank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley for providing me with an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

From the very first chapter Godkiller by Hannah Kaner demands your attention and sends you on an epic quest in a broken world inhabited by shadow demons, fire gods and vengeful mercenaries.

“Mortals were a riot of thoughts, and gods could see the colours they made, twisting the air about them with their more powerful emotions. Each person’s colours were different, bright, and manipulable.”

When young Kissen witnesses her family being tied to a pyre and burned alive as a sacrifice to the fire god, Hseth, it changes the course of her life forever. Now, in a world on the brink of civil war, she is forever haunted and scarred by the memories of that tragic night. Kissen now makes a living slaying Gods, destroying their shrines, totems and offerings. Thus preventing their influence from spreading and stopping them from poisoning the minds of their followers and manipulating them into doing their bidding; all whilst lining her pockets, of course.

That is until she meets one God she cannot kill. A shape-shifting god of white lies that has bound itself to a child. Together, with a disillusioned knight on a secret mission of his own, Kissen must travel to the ruined city of Blenraden, the home of wild gods, to beg a favour from that she has devoted her life to destroying.

Kaner takes us on an extraordinary journey alongside a cast of endearing, slightly broken, band of characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Kissen is especially rough around the edges and I adore her brutal honesty and tenacious spirit. She’s a warrior with a heart of gold that really carries the whole story.

Godkiller is a spectacular debut. The world-building is incredibly immersive and intricate without becoming too overwhelming. I can already tell that Godkiller will be the fantasy series EVERYONE will be talking about next month.

Godkiller by Hannah Kaner will be released on January 19, 2023 and is available to pre-order HERE.

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