Book Review | Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

I came across Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score while browsing through the romance selection available on Kindle Unlimited. Although the book no longer appears to be included within the subscription service, it is currently available for only 99p on Kindle Deals HERE. I loved the book so much that I immediately treated myself to the paperback. Sometimes it’s just nice to have the physical version in your collection; especially when it has such a beautiful cover.

“Bearded, bad-boy barber Knox prefers to live his life the way he takes his coffee: Alone. Unless you count his basset hound, Waylon.
Knox doesn’t tolerate drama, even when it comes in the form of a stranded runaway bride.”

Naomi arrives in small-town Knockemout, Virginia, with her wedding dress stuffed in the boot of her car which her no-good twin sister soon makes off with leaving her completely stranded. As soon as she enters the local diner to drown her sorrows in a bucket of coffee, she’s greeted by hostile locals thanks to her estranged sister’s reputation as well as Knox; a bad-tempered, bearded, muscular Viking covered in tattoos determined to “take out the trash”.

She checks herself into a motel to find that her sister has not only stolen her car, money and rifled through her possessions, but she has also left behind her 11-year-daughter, Waylay. Now Naomi needs to find a place to live, figure out how to look after her newly discovered niece, avoid the attention of her now ex-fiance, win back the trust of the locals and juggle working at the local library and waitressing at the town’s local salon, Honky Tonk. And it just so happens, that Knox Morgan is her new boss.

If you’re a fan of the enemies-to-lovers and the sunshine/grumpy trope this is the perfect rom-com for you. At over 500 pages long, I found that the middle section did drag on a little, however, I appreciated how Score developed a colourful array of supporting characters whilst building a small community I truly was invested in as well as taking the time to delve into the Morgan’s dysfunctional family dynamics. The chemistry between Knox and Naomi is incredibly well-written and spicy. Naomi’s inner dialogue is also hilarious and relatable.

Book 2 Things We Hide From the Light is due to be released early next year and I can’t wait to return back to Knockemount.

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score is available HERE (Affiliate Link)