Book Review | Wild is the Witch by Rachel Griffin

Wild is the Witch by Rachel Griffin is an enchanting 320-page standalone YA fantasy set in a small town in Pacific Northwest and the lush forest surrounding it. It gives moody and atmospheric Twilight vibes, in fact the characters actually make reference to the movie.

“After a night of magic turns deadly, Iris Gray vows to never let another person learn she’s a witch. It doesn’t matter that the Witches’ Council found her innocent or that her magic was once viewed as a marvel―that night on the lake changed everything.

Now settled in Washington, Iris hides who she really is and vents her frustrations by writing curses she never intends to cast. And while she loves working at the wildlife refuge she runs with her mother, she loathes Pike Alder, the witch-hating aspiring ornithologist who interns with them.”

Iris Gray was forced to leave her home after a night of magic went wrong; with devastating consequences. She’s finally settled into her new life working as a wildlife refuge with her mother, using her power to calm and protect the animals in their care.

Unfortunately, Pike, the aspiring ornithologist who interns alongside them, hates witches and his very presence threatens to expose her way of life. After a particularly cruel comment, Iris vents her frustrations by writing a curse she never intends to cast. Before she’s about to dispel it, an owl swoops down and steals it. The owl is a powerful amplifier, and if it dies, Iris’s dark spell will be unleashed not only on Pike but on everyone in the region. Forced to work together, Iris and Pike trek through the wilderness in search of the bird that could cost Pike his life.

The way Griffin effortlessly interweaves magic and nature is beautiful. The ethereal setting of the forest works wonderfully with the vulnerability of the characters and is the perfect backdrop to Iris and Pike’s sweet slow-burn romance. This book is full of dreamy imagery; it’s the perfect autumnal read. Also, just look at the hidden design underneath the dust jacket.

I felt incredibly sorry for Pike. His story particularly pulled at my heartstrings. I’m not sure I would have been quite as forgiving to Iris but I loved their connection and the power of forgiveness is a strong theme throughout. I found it to be a very quick calming read.

Wild is the Witch by Rachel Griffin is available HERE. (affiliate link)