Book Review | Verity by Colleen Hoover

Verity is the third book I’ve read by Colleen Hoover and it is, hands down, my favourite so far. I read it in one sitting and, although it’s cliche, I genuinely couldn’t put it down. My little girl, Poppy, has such a bad cough post-Covid and keeps waking herself up in tears throughout the night so I read Verity lying on her bedroom floor. I couldn’t believe it when I finally looked up to discover it was 2 am. My back did not thank me for this. Even then, I was determined to wake my husband up to discuss the ending. I needed to get it all off my chest; my thoughts, my feelings, and my theories.

The very first sentence really sets the tone for the entire book, “I hear the crack of his skull before the splattering of blood reaches me.” This is a dark thriller that I will think about in weeks to come. To be honest, I’m still processing it all but I was completely gripped and entertained the entire way through.

Lowen, a struggling author, is hired to complete the remaining books in a series by bestselling author Verity Crawford. She was injured in a car crash and lies in bed comatose requiring round-the-clock care. While staying at the Crawford home, sorting through years of notes and documents, she uncovers a manuscript that details a truly disturbing series of admissions and secrets. Jeremy, Verity’s husband, is heartbroken over the death of their two little girls as well as his wife’s tragic accident. As Lowen’s feelings begin to intensify for Jeremy, she decides to conceal her findings as to not devastate an already grieving family… that is, until the thinkable happens.

You may find some events hard to stomach, especially if you have little girls as I do, however, if you can push through these disturbing scenes I’m sure you’ll find Verity to be one of the most thrilling and captivating books you’ll read this year. It’s very intense and clever. Just as I thought I knew the direction it was going Hoover threw a curveball I wasn’t expecting. Am I a fan of the controversial final act? I’m still undecided, but I appreciate how uncertain and flustered Verity made me. I sat for ages trying to piece it all together and come to my own conclusions. Love it or hate it, there’s definitely no denying that Verity is an addictive read.

Verity by Colleen Hoover is available HERE. (Affiliate Link)