Funko POP! Vinyl | #1087 Pumpkin Stitch

It’s a beautiful day today. Literally, the height of ‘Scottish Summer’. What am I doing? I’m busy dreaming of pumpkins, chunky knitted sweaters, and cinnamon candles. So when I came across a Funko POP! Vinyl that combined my love of Disney and autumn in one adorable little figurine – I had to add it to my collection.

What’s not to love about Pumpkin Stitch? His design is adorable. He’s definitely the cutest Funko in my collection so far (with Dancing Baby Groot a close 2nd). He is available exclusively at Smyths in the UK and, from what I’ve gathered online, Hot Topic in the US. Pumpkin Stitch is often out of stock but I urge you to check back often as he randomly becomes available at the oddest of times. Currently, he’s expected in-stock anytime from Sept 10th-16th.

I usually buy my Funko POP! from either Pop in a Box (You can use my referral code – ROXIE-RQ – for 10% off your order), the official Funko EU site, Very Neko, shopDisney UK or Amazon. Although I’m not really a fan of purchasing collectables from Amazon due to their unpredictable packaging methods. Sometimes they are delivered in pristine condition, sometimes they can also be shipped without any protection whatsoever. There’s no rhyme nor reason to it. However, Funko does have an official shop at Amazon and the allure of Prime is often too tempting to resist. I found my experience with Smyths really positive. He arrived just 5 days after my purchase without a dent, tear or bash in sight. Perfectly packaged and completely adorable.

Do you currently have a Stitch Funko POP! in your collection yet?