The Wine List: At Home Wine Course

Let me introduce you to a wonderful monthly subscription service where you can not only enjoy two beautiful hand-chosen bottles of wine but discover how to enjoy them on a completely different level by learning about what makes them so special. The Wine List is a wine education startup taking the UK by storm. Every month, subscribers are provided with unique learning materials as well as two bottles to practice your new techniques…

The Wine List: At Home Wine Course

Wine is the UK’s most popular drink but how many of us are guilty of grabbing the cheapest bottle on offer at the end of the aisle and plonking it into our baskets without too much thought? In the past caring about the origin of the grape, it’s aroma profile or fermentation method seemed slightly pretentious, but who else would love to look at a wine list in a restaurant and choose the perfect bottle to accompany your meal? Or plan a cosy night in sipping on a beautiful bottle of wine tailored to the tastebuds of your guests?

The Wine List: At Home Wine CourseThe Wine List: At Home Wine CourseThe Wine List: At Home Wine Course

Each month you receive one bottle of red and one bottle of white. The Wine List favours lesser-known grapes, regions and winemakers in order to make your experience as unique and varied as possible. Over 12 months, you will learn the core fundamental principles of wine as well as having access to the Wine List community via events, social media and online content archive.

The Wine List: At Home Wine CourseThe Wine List: At Home Wine Course

The Taste & Learn cards included provide clues and prompt on what to look out for. The detailed booklet breaks down your experience into four areas: look, smell, taste & think. When you see people lifting their glass against the light; what are they looking for? How should you hold your glass and what does the colour indicate? With every month you will gradually develop your personal taste and understanding of wine… before you’ve even tried them!

Learn more about the Wine list here.

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