Niederegger | Marzipan With Love

Niederegger is the world’s leading premium marzipan brand, founded in Lubeck (Northern Germany) in 1806 by Johan Georg Niederegger. Their classic recipe remains unchanged to this day, plans they have a landmark 3 storey cafe in the city centre of Lubeck filled with their luxury products and marzipan cakes. You might have seen their beautifully packaged festive collection featured previously on my blog here. Their two new 2020 flavours of the year are now available at Chocolate Direct: The home of premium chocolate, candy and confectionery gifts.

Niederegger | Marzipan With LoveNiederegger | Marzipan With Love

Their luxury marzipan is made with 58% aromatic Mediterranean almonds, although their recipe, handed down over the generations, is a closely guarded secret. Their newest flavour is their Banana & Chocolate Mini Loaves (Pack of 8, £4.50) which contain a crisp dark character case and a fruity marzipan filling. The second flavour is a Hazelnut and Toffee Loaf (125g, £4.25), which features their famous marzipan coated in classic dark chocolate filled with hazelnut and toffee pieces.

Niederegger | Marzipan With Love

Their products really are beautifully packaged and would make a lovely addition to any hamper. I know marzipan isn’t to everyone’s taste but I absolutely adore it. Their collection also includes the Mini Bakery Desserts Pralines Selection (112g, £8) which contains New York coffee shop inspired flavours including Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Cupcake, Toffee and Tiramisu, as well as their old-school Rum & Raison Loaf (125g, £4.25), Black & White Loaf (125g, £4.25) and their classic Stick’n Go (40g, £1.45) in Classic, Milk Chocolate, Amerena Kirsch and Walnut & Rum.

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