Becca Under Eye Brightener Corrector

Recently I introduced a new product into my makeup routine, the Becca Under Eye Brightener Corrector. I first saw it over on Instagram whilst catching Leah (@devotedtopink) use it in one of her tutorials. It’s a creamy pink-toned balm that neutralises the blue-hue of dark circles and broken capillaries whilst leaving a subtle luminous pearlescent sheen that brightens the under-eye area.

becca under eye brightener corrector

Literally the very first customer review on Cult Beauty gives this product one star and reads, “This is a rubbish concealer. Waste of money”. That’s probably because this product is not a concealer and never claims to be. Yes, it will help disguise darkness and imperfections but that’s because it’s primarily a colour corrector. This is also why it’s only available in two shades – light to medium and medium to dark. I apply this after I moisturise and prime but before I apply my foundation and concealer. It’s designed to backlight your concealer, brighten the under-eye area and blur for a soft-focus effect. It works in harmony with your makeup but will not replace your concealer.

becca under eye brightener correctorbecca under eye brightener corrector

I apply the balm with my Zoeva 144 Soft Concealer Brush and then gently pat it in with my fingers. The effect is immediately apparent. It instantly illuminates the undereye area making you appear fresher and more awake. It is slightly wet (almost sticky) and, as I already mentioned, I wear it under my makeup and set it in place with a loose powder gently pressed into the skin with a puff and then gently dusted away. If I don’t set it with something I notice that it can move about and crease.

(before makeup/with corrector/with corrector & concealer on top)

This is a brilliant product for anyone like me who is over 30 and wants to brighten up any dullness and sluggishness. Don’t expect this little tub to replace your concealer, think of it as a booster that will help you look immediately fresher and healthier. My photo above doesn’t really do the transformation justice (please excuse the brows we’re in lockdown people) so if you have a spare minute I recommend you watch one of Leah’s tutorials to see it in action.

The Becca Under Eye Brightener Corrector retails for £21/4.5g and is available at Boots.