My Fabulosa | Cleaning Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!

We’ve all got our own ways of coping as the UK lockdown gets underway. How do you like to relax? What’s your form of self-care? You might like to read or throw on a sheet mask, however, you’ve probably gathered from my Instagram stories that I like to clean. It might be a boring chore to some but I find writing my to-do list in the morning and finding 5-minutes out the day to get scrubbing/polishing/folding/dusting actually therapeutic. Organising, cleaning and generally being productive around the house really helps me stay calm and gives me at least the illusion of having some kind of control in this crazy world we live in.

One of my favourite cleaning products to use is a concentrated disinfectant. Whether it’s from Zoflora, Astonish, Dettol or, my personal favourite, Fabulosa; they are incredibly versatile and can be used for a million uses around the house. Fabulosa is my first choice because there is a long list of amazing fragrances available, plus their bottles come in a range of sizes and the range is very affordable. You’ve probably seen them in the likes of B&M, Home Bargains and Pound Stretchers. You can also find them on their official website here, which I recently used to purchase their latest collaboration with Instagram ‘Cleanfluenser’ Jotties Journal. Honestly, the cleaning community on Instagram is really lovely. I’ve spoken to so many ‘hinchers’ who love to clean, chat about products and support one another. As a working mum with two little girls, I can often feel a little over-worked and isolated, it’s nice to feel like I’m not alone.

Fabulosa contains a cruelty-free blend of surfactants and agents that remove dirt, clean, disinfect, provides long-lasting shine and leaves a beautifully fresh lingering fragrance. A standard 220ml concentrated bottle retails for around £1.15. You can dilute this yourself in a trigger spray or in your mop bucket or purchase ready-to-use 500ml disinfectant sprays for around £1.15. My favourite fragrances are Sky (a freshly washed laundry type scent), Watermelon (very sweet and fruity) and two new additions to my collection: Lemon Sherbet and Mango Punch.

So what do I actually use it for? Well… pretty much everything. Just dilute it by following the instructions on the back of the bottle. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, so I use it to clean worktops, toys, the baby’s highchair, mopping hard floors, wiping down the bin, radiators, cupboard doors and the girl’s potty. The possibilities are endless. Recently, due to the pandemic, I’ve been more conscious of communal hotspots like light switches, door handles, remote controls, knobs, switches and toilets flushers too so my current stack is running pretty low. There’s a huge range of fragrances available including Banana Lama, Fresh Linen, Lemon Mint Leaf, Wild Rhbard and Spring Blossom. There are also limited-edition season scent available too.

You can browse all the different fragrances at MyFabulosa. Why not also check out Fabulosa’s new collection of carpet foam refreshers and ‘Spray & Wear’ fabric refresher too.