Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Magnesium Sleep Salts

Regular readers will already be aware that I am a huge fan of Feather & Down. Their bestselling Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray (which you might have seen trending on Twitter recently) is phenomenal. Ever since I was kindly gifted it back in 2017, I have repurchased the spray time and time again and you will always find a bottle by my bedside. I drench my sheets in it every night; as well as Poppy’s favourite blanket to help her drift off when we’re in the car. Another one of my favourite products is their Melting Shower Cream. I usually go for a run on my treadmill once the girls are tucked up in bed so using this indulgent shower product before bedtime helps me to calm and reset. I recently treated myself to the latest addition in their Sweet Dreams collection, the Magnesium Sleep Salts, and I’m happy to report they are just as heavenly as the rest of the collection.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Magnesium Sleep Salts

The packaging for the entire range is beautiful. Every product is packaged in midnight blue and decorated with stars, swirls and gold font. I honestly thought these were high-end products when I first discovered them in Boots. They look and smell incredibly indulgent and expensive. It’s safe to say, I was over-the-moon to discover how affordable they are. This 500g bag of magnesium salts is infused with lavender and chamomile oils. I love how these salts fill your entire bathroom with Feather & Down’s signature dreamy aroma. I have everything in the collection from their bath essence to their sleep butter, so the fragrance is like a trigger to me. I instantly feel wonderfully drowsy and relaxed.

This is another product that works harmoniously with the rest of the collection. As soon as I soak in the tub I can feel all the tension in my shoulders evaporating and my girl’s constant bickering and tantrums are soon a distant memory. If you have trouble sleeping, I truly recommend you give these products a try. They’ve done absolute wonders for me. Another product that you might benefit from is Spacemask, a self-heated eye mask which I’ve previously reviewed here.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Magnesium Sleep Salts retail for £8, however, they are currently offering 25% off and free delivery over £15 with code – MARGIFT20 – for a limited time only.

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