Antipodes Jubilation, Delight & Joyful Hand and Body Creams

As much as I (and my bank balance) love my trusty Palmer’s Cocoa Body Butter, over the years I’ve found that the fragrance has become a little monotonous and slightly sickly for my liking. Regular readers will already know how much I adore Antipodes (you can read all my previous reviews here) so I was delighted when their collection of hand and body creams arrived at my door. Antipodes is a premium natural and certified organic and vegan skincare brand that uses a combination of sustainably sourced ingredients from New Zealand and extensive scientific research to create a range of highly effective skincare products. Over the years I have fallen in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of the products which are currently available at Beauty Bay, Naturisimo and Look Fantastic.

Antipodes Jubilation, Delight & Joyful Hand and Body Creams

All three creams come in the same simple but lovely packaging. The squeezy tube allows you to get every last ounce of product out and each comes boxed with a protective seal. All three are heavily fragranced and I like to swap between the three, however, I reply on Jubilation after a hot bath or on rough patches of skin such as on my ankles, elbows or knees if I’m wearing a dress, because I feel that it is a touch richer than the other two.

Joyful contains avocado oil, wide blackberry and hibiscus bloom. The Avocado oil is a potent source of omegas 3 and 9, as well as the vitamins A, B1, B2 and D and Chlorophyll and Vitamin E help to reduce the appearance of scars and age spots. As you’ve probably already guessed from the ingredients, it smells wonderful. It’s my favourite of the three and will probably be the one I run out of first. As with all three of the creams, it leaves my skin very soft and massages in without leaving any oily residue. The uplifting fragrance lingers on your skin for a long time and while some might find it overpowering, I think it’s absolutely heavenly.

Delight contains vinanza grape, macadamia nut oil and bouquet of gardenia. It’s my least favourite fragrance of the three. It reminds me of an old medicinal, floral cream my gran would use and I find it quite off-putting. Regardless, it gives my skin an instant, cooling boost of hydration and seems to be the lightest of the three formulas.

Jubilation also contains wild blackberry along with kiwi seed oil and feijoa. As I mentioned, Jubilation seems to be the thickest and richest out of the three so if you have super dry skin I definitely recommend you opt you this one. It’s loaded with Omegas 3, 6 and 9, Vitamins A, C and E, and a blend of pure plant oils.

Antipodes Jubilation, Delight & Joyful Hand and Body Creams

All three creams are wonderful so I think it really comes down to your preference for fragrance. They are perfect for either popping on your hands throughout the day after you’ve done the dishes or using with cotton gloves overnight and slathering your entire body with. They sink into the skin effortlessly without leaving a greasy or slippy feeling and are perfect for keeping your skin well-nourished this summer as scorching temperatures can cause skin’s moisture to evaporate more quickly, resulting in dryness and dehydration.

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