Sweet Dreams with Baby Annabell

With the nights getting lighter we’ve been finding it difficult to get our two-year-old little girl, Penelope, to fall back into her bedtime routine. She seems to think that she doesn’t need to go to sleep because the sun isn’t asleep yet. She does everything in her power to stay awake which ultimately results in tantrums, tears and two exhausted parents. Recently Penny was kindly sent the ‘My First Baby Fun Nurturing Doll’ from Baby Annabell (now available at Smyths) as well as a rocker from their new Sweet Dreams Collection…Sweet Dreams with Baby AnnabellAs much I love to play side-by-side with Penny, one of my favourite things to do is just sit and watch her, especially when she’s playing with her babies. Observing her roleplay is such a funny and, at times, enlightening look into her imagination and understanding of the world. She has a baby sister, Poppy, and it’s the cutest thing in the world to watch her mirror how I rock her to sleep, feed and interact with her. Having her own baby doll to look after really brings out her nurturing side and getting her baby all snuggled up and fed at night is the perfect way to end our day whilst preparing Penny for her own bedtime.Sweet Dreams with Baby AnnabellSweet Dreams with Baby AnnabellSweet Dreams with Baby AnnabellPenny’s Baby Annabell comes with a little hat, cloth and bottle. It reacts to touch and movement and makes lots of burping, bubble blowing, gentle crying and giggling noises (don’t worry parents, there’s an off switch easily accessible at the back but I haven’t reached for it yet). The only issue Penny has with it is that she can’t take it into the bath which she finds frustrating, however, it’s the most realistic doll she owns and I think that’s why she loves it so much. The Sweet Dreams collection includes a wide range of accessories such as the Sweet Dreams Rocker (£29.99) we were kindly gifted, which sits beside Pen’s bed so she can rock her baby to sleep every night. It support’s Baby Annabell’s sleep function so your child literally rocks her doll to sleep. It’s so clever and very interactive; I would have loved one as a kid. They are other accessories such as a sleeping bag, PJs, dressing gown, dummy and a beautiful canopy bed available which I’m planning on buying for her birthday in a few weeks time. Sweet Dreams with Baby AnnabellAt night, Penny now knows that she has a bath, followed by a story, a quick bottle for ‘baby’ (name still to be confirmed) and then snuggles down whilst rocking her baby to sleep. Instead of jumping out of bed to play with her toys the moment I close her door, she lies patiently as not to wake her baby and falls asleep in the process. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Baby Annabell is so realistic and immersive that it encourages her to be more caring and loving towards her baby sister. I kind of wish I got her one in preparation for Poppy’s arrival as it really is teaching her to be more responsible and compassionate. Don’t worry, it doesn’t scream at the top of its lungs and isn’t constantly repetitive. It’s realistic but in a gentle way which supports her imaginative play and is fun, which is what toys are all about at the end of the day – the smile that lights up her wee face.

You can browse the entire Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams collection now at Smyths.