Sunday Night Catch-up #2

We’re heading into the final week of my maternity leave and, basically, I’m a mess. I was a bubbling wreck last time I had to return to work, however, this time I have not one, but two babies to say goodbye to. It’s not like my job will take my mind off them either as I work in a creche. I’ll be changing nappies, wiping noses and looking after someone else’s baby instead of my own. It’s the worst. So this week I’ll be trying to fit as many fun activities with my girls in as possible to make myself feel better.

Toddler Talk

As for my girls, Poppy is so close to crawling it’s unreal; plus we’re patiently waiting for that very first tooth to break through. It’s amazing how much food a baby can actually eat without teeth. Penny is very close to being fully potty trained. The whole process is so frustrating and tedious; I’m glad we’ve got a few years before we have to go through the whole process again. I ask Penny if she needs to ‘pee pee’ about 300 times a day, as well as pretend to join the toilet train “Choo choo!” (did I mention I hate Bing?) every time she ‘thinks’ she needs, have to perform a celebratory dance every time she uses the toilet and I use puppy pads in the car which will now forever smell of toddler pee. I’m exhausted.

Girl’s Night Out

I have to admit, the past few weeks have been brilliant. I mean, THAT Game of Thrones episode and Endgame all in the same week? Plus, I went to see Matilda at Edinburgh Playhouse which really was phenomenal and went to my mate’s hen do in Edinburgh where an embarrassing amount of Woo Woo, Pornstar Martinis and Strawberry Daquires were consumed. We had food at The Candy Bar (113-115 George St) and had even more cocktails (I highly recommend the Frozen Vimto – Grey Goose vodka, Vimto, lemon juice, Crème de Mûre, Crème de Fraise & raspberry syrup = yum) and then ended up at the private karaoke booths at Supercube (58a George St) where I spent most of my night hiding from the mic and drinking ANOTHER pitcher of cocktails through a penis straw. Such a classy bird.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

As for beauty and skincare, I was so happy when the new Antipodes Blessing Anti Pollution Face Serum (£34.65) arrived at my doorstep so I wasted no time in adding to my skincare routine. I’m also still in disbelief that Fenty Beauty is arriving at Boots next week. I’m absolutely skint but Fenty is one brand I’ve been wanting to try for over a year so I already have a few items I’m excited to get my hands on. I’ve put it off for so long as I hate buying foundations online without swatching them first, especially when they’re so expensive, plus Harvey Nicols shipping was over £6 last time I checked so it was a hell no from me. Obviously, since I live in the sticks, I’ll be making full use of their Click and Collect service but rumour has it the Boots at Glasgow Fort might be stocking the full collection so a road trip will definitely be on the cards!

What have you been getting up to recently? Do you have any Fenty Beauty recommendations/posts? Leave them in the comments box below.