The Best False Eyelashes for Beginners

When I watch beauty influencers effortlessly pop a pair of full, fluttery false lashes at the end of a tutorial; I am instantly filled with jealousy. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve ruined my makeup or practically glued my eyelids together in an attempt to fix a wonky lash band. It’s a skill I just can’t master thanks to my wobbly hands and twitchy eyelids, but I keep purchasing packs of beautiful wispy lashes regardless.

Recently, I was sent a package with a few different styles by Eylure from the lovely team at stock over 2,000 styles of falsies from brands such as Red Cherry, Doll Beauty, Unicorn Cosmetics, Lilly Lashes and Peaches & Cream. They have a wide range of styles including multipacks, strip lashes, mink lashes and individual lashes and also have accessories such as glue, specially designed applicators, tweezers and lash cases. They also sell brow products and offer free 1st Class delivery on every order in the UK.

On the morning of an event I was getting ready for, my dressing table looked like an eyelash graveyard. I had literally stacks of boxes piled high, a plethora of tweezers of all shapes and sizes strewn across the table, tiny bottles of lash glue leaking everywhere and strips of lashes I’d abandoned and now stuck to my makeup like hairy spiders. It was a mess… until I found one pair of lashes I actually managed to apply!

I’d always been a bit dubious about pre-glued lashes. I doubted whether or not the glue would actually be strong enough to hold them in place. I also wondered whether you’d be able to move then if you placed them wrong. Well, for someone starting out or/and still trying to master the technique, Eylure pre-glued lashes are a total game changer. I wish I had a photo of them actually on, but I’m the dumbass who cleared her phone gallery so I had enough space to take lots of wedding pics. Most of which I’m not actually in! If you follow me on Instagram here you might have seen me get ready on Insta Stories and caught a peek.

The strip of glue is surprisingly strong, and even though I had to ‘re-jig’ them a few times they didn’t lose any sickness. All I had to do was cut a tiny bit off the end and place them on. No waiting for glue to dry, no sticking my eyelids together and no mess. The lashes I wore from 11am in the morning to 1am the following morning (yes, really) were the Pre-Glued Eylure Texture Lashes 117.  They are wispy, thick and girly. They may not feel or look that dramatic for a seasoned lash wearer but they felt huge on my bald little eyes. I can’t recommend them highly enough, plus you can buy them at here for only £5.40 and receive FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK.