Our Easter Weekend feat. Child’s Farm Suncare

Now Penelope is at that fun age when she believes in the Easter Bunny and loves to do arts & crafts, Easter has become one of my favourite holidays. Unlike Christmas, I don’t have to worry about buying gifts, wrapping and the logistics of preparing meals and visiting relatives. There’s no pressure. Instead, I can use it as an excuse to plan lots of cute activities with Penny, eat Mini-Eggs and other rabbit-shaped delicacies for breakfast and chill out with my family in the back garden whilst enjoying a few ciders (hello Dark Fruits), painting eggs and running around like a numpty hunting for eggs.

This weekend was definitely ‘taps aff’ kind of weather. I was completely unprepared for the glorious sunshine, so thank god the lovely team at Child’s Farm sent me a little package with suncream for the little ones just days before. Child’s Farm* is really the only baby-friendly skincare range we buy from now as Poppy’s eczema flare-ups if we use anything else, plus the Rhubarb & Custard shampoos are our absolute favourite. God, they smell good!

Their website currently has up to 20% off their range of suncare including the 50+ SPF Sun Lotion Cream which has proven to be a lifesaver. It’s unfragranced, water-resistant and sinks into the girl’s skin effortlessly. Not only did it leave their skin kissably soft, but using a high protection also gives me the peace of mind that their sensitive, pasty white Scottish skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays whilst they play. Child’s Farm also has suncream available in a spray and roll-on (both 50+ & 30 SPF) and an organic coconut after sun which can be used all year round to ensure their skin stays soft and hydrated.

Did you even make crispy cakes if you’ve not got a massive chocolate moustache from licking the spoon? Baking used to be a complete nightmare but now Penny’s 2 she can actually pitch in and have fun. Both the girl’s got a ridiculous amount of eggs this year so the plan is to melt down the chocolate down and make my famous Gooey Creme Egg Brownies this weekend. It’s so funny to watch Penelope grow-up into a little person. It still wows me when she speaks to me in full sentences. She can now reach the handle to her bedroom door so runs into our room every morning at 6 am demanding we watch Bing (I hate that bunny with a passion) and is almost completely potty trained. She has her place at nursery which she starts in August and is so gentle and loving to her little sister. Poppy is as that stage where we’re are just waiting for that first tooth to erupt and for all hell to break loose. She didn’t get up to much this Easter, bless her. Although I did take the opportunity to dress her up in a beautiful dress (which she spewed all over) and tried to make her wear bunny ears (which she immediately knocked off and proceeded to chew).

It might seem a little odd to make such a fuss out of Easter but the girls are growing up so fast that I love making the most out of these special occasions. What did you get up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments below.