Penny’s Monthly Favourites | 5 Must-Have Products for Toddlers

Once the bills have been paid, any money that I have left at the end of the month usually goes towards a few makeup products and treats for little miss. I try not to spoil her, however, buying girls clothes can become seriously addictive. Everything is so cute and sparkly, plus if it’s got bunny ears sewn on to the hood or a dinosaur plastered on the front, I just can’t help myself. This month Penny and I have fallen in love with a couple of products that are just too adorable and useful not to share…

Best Books for Toddlers | The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson

If there’s one thing I never regret spending money on, it’s a book. Penny has suddenly become obsessed with mermaids and she carries about this book, The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson (Amazon, £5.24), absolutely everywhere. It’s one of her lesser-known books but one of our favourites. Reading children’s books over and over again can be mind-numbingly boring, but I don’t actually mind this one as it got a great rhyming story. The pages are embossed with glitter and the illustrations are beautiful.

Best Books for Toddlers | Night Night, Groot by Brendan DeneenBest Books for Toddlers | Night Night, Groot by Brendan Deneen

Night Night, Groot by Brendan Deneen (Amazon, £10.32) is a hardback book full of your favourite Marvel superheroes. Every page is beautifully illustrated and although the story is short, it has become one of Penny’s favourites bedtime reads. It’s all about Baby Groot who wants nothing more than to go to sleep but ends up going on a mission to save the galaxy with Rocket Racoon, plus there’s also a tiny Ant-Man hidden in each spread that Penny loves to try and find. We’re kind of obsessed with movies and comic books in our house. Ross’ office is decorated with art prints, Pop Vinyl collectables, memorabilia and movie posters. His actual comic book collection is getting way out of control and we’re always looking for different ways to store and display them. One of the very first outfits Penny wore was a Batman onesie, plus her dad’s got a full sleeve of Batman villains plastered all over his arm. I think she likes having her own special ‘comic book’ like Daddy. This book is the perfect way to introduce any toddler to the world of Marvel.

Childs Farm 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner in Organic Rhubarb & Custard

We go through a lot of bath products in our house but one of our favourites is the Childs Farm 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner in Organic Rhubarb & Custard. It honestly makes Penny’s hair smell unbelievably delicious. It also leaves her hair looking lovely and shiny whilst making it easy to comb through which means no tears before bed. The packaging is bright and playful, plus it’s formulated for very sensitive skin including those prone to eczema so even Poppy, my four-month-old baby can use it too. It’s one of our must-have bathtime products and an essential part of our bedtime routine.

Clothes for Toddlers | La Coqueta, Clothes for Toddlers | La Coqueta, Clothes for Toddlers | La Coqueta, Clothes for Toddlers | La Coqueta,

Penny can usually be found in denim dungarees, wellies and a pink dress-up ballerina tutu (don’t ask, I’ve given up fighting it), but every so often she loves wearing a ‘princess’ dress. I was kindly gifted this beautiful dress from La Coqueta, a London-based children’s boutique that aims to promote and support Spanish design. The Minerva Dress is just one in a beautiful collection of girls dresses, some of which are currently discounted in their sale. La Coqueta specialises in traditional designs that are hand-made by talented craftswomen. I love the intricate flower design and the contrasting Peter Pan collar in white.

Clothes for Toddlers | La Coqueta, Clothes for Toddlers | La Coqueta

The elasticated waist and 3/4 sleeves ensure that it fits snuggly but there’s plenty of room for her to move freely. The skirt is lined and there are three buttons to make sure the collar stays in place. It looks adorable with contrasting red woollen tights and pigtails. La Coqueta also has a range of matching accessories available too…

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