Lottie London Xthuyle Living My Best Life Eye Shadow Palette

As soon as I saw this eyeshadow palette I wanted it. The mixture of neutral shades with pops of emerald and royal blue is beautiful and there’s a nice balance of very wearable mattes and shimmers. Thuy Le (pronounced Twee Lee) is a London based makeup artist who currently has over 280K YouTube followers and 1.2M Instagram followers, so it’s no wonder Lottie London snapped her up for a collaboration. I quickly popped over to her channel and watched a few of her videos, I love how candid, quick-witted and talented she is. Her collection also includes three shades of their Glitter Switch Liquid Lipsticks and two Face & Body Glitter Gels.

The Xthuyle Living My Best Life Eye Shadow Palette contains 14 shades and if you want more information about the significance of the shade names and layout of the palette you can watch her reveal video here. I’ll cut to the chase, this is one of the best drugstore palettes I have ever tried. The Soph X Revolution Extra Spice is a close second. I’m not overly surprised, I really enjoyed the last Lottie London palette I purchased and this one claims to contain a new and improved ‘upgraded’ formula. The metallics are rich, smooth and super-soft. You can see how vibrant they are in the swatches below, they also blend effortlessly too. The mattes are equally impressive, which is a rarity in such an affordable palette. I was most worried about the black (No T, No Shade) as it feels very dry to touch and I was anticipating a patchy mess but it’s buildable and easy to work with.

I really don’t think Lottie London gets the attention it deserves. Their Gloss’d Supercharged Gloss Oil in Drenched is one of my favourite lip products and I’ve spoken many times about my love for their Shimmer Squad Highlighter Quad. I also have a few of their Foil Eyeshadow Toppers in my collection which I barely hear anyone talk about but are another hidden gem.