Essential Health Products You Need This Festive Party Season…

I think we can all agree that party season means it’s time to stock up on a few festive necessities such as sparkly nail polishes, ruby red lipsticks and a truckload of glitter, however, realistically, what we could all do with investing in is a couple of essential health products that will help your festivities go off without a hitch…

Essential Health Products You Need This Festive Party Season...

Taking your makeup off after enjoying a few bottles of prosecco is essential, plus it needs to be stress-free and quick. The Mild Cucumber Facial Wash from Naturaline Swiss Cosmetics contains an uplifting fresh fragrance and is super gentle yet effective. The new Naturaline Swiss Cosmetics collection contains nine skin care products for the face and body which combine the latest scientific techniques and carefully selected natural ingredients. I really love their lip balm. The creamy formula contains macadamia nut and pomegranate and covers your lips in a soothing blanket which instantly hydrates and softens them.

Essential Health Products You Need This Festive Party Season... | The Breath Co.

Let’s face it, mouthwash isn’t the most exciting product in the world to talk about it, nevertheless, it’s a mistletoe essential. The Breath Co has created a range of oral care rinses, chewing gum and lozenges to help tackle the bacteria that causes bad breath and dry mouth. Their Oral Rinse in Icy Mint is a regular strength mouthwash that blasts your senses with a cool minty menthol and citrus flavour. It works instantly on bad breath so it’s a quick way to cover up the lingering smell of all the Christmas coffees, stinky cheeses and prawn cocktails all of which I know I’ll be endlessly munching on in the next couple of weeks, plus it doesn’t burn like the one my husband always buys which is a huge positive. It’s alcohol-free, vegan and gluten-free and helps to maintain gum health whilst giving you the confidence you need at this year’s office party.

Essential Health Products You Need This Festive Party Season... | Grether's Pastilles

For a more old-school stocking filler why not pick up a tin of Grether’s Pastilles? I don’t know about you, but I love the vintage packaging of these blackcurrant sweets. The intricate design is so pretty. As I unwrapped these I was reminded of my nan which was so comforting. She used to always have a tin like this rattling around her handbag. I love products that make me nostalgic for my childhood at this time of year. If you’re looking for a traditional addition to a hamper Grether’s Pastilles are perfect. The original recipe is over 150 years old and its unique formula coats throats with a protective layer, to help soothe sore throats and improve your voice, which always comes in handy after you’ve belted out a few choruses of Fairytale of New York at the top of your lungs! They come in a variety of fruity flavours to ensure there’s a delicious option for everyone.

What are your winter essentials?