Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set | Bathtime Treats for Sensitive Skin

Bathtime with my two little girls can either be a fun evening treat full of bubbles, songs, smiles and quality family time or it can be a frustrating battle full of wriggling limbs, tears and spluttering. It all depends on their mood and mummy’s patience. Penny, my 2-year-old, loves her baths and they’ve become a lovely part of our bedtime routine. Poppy, my 5-week-old, is not a fan of water or getting changed or sleeping or anything really. It’s a good job she’s a cutie. She’s had a tough time recently as she has a suspected allergy to cow’s milk. She had a painful and itchy looking rash covering most of her body and was really unsettled and unwell. Thankfully, we’ve been prescribed a new formula, her spotty wee face is all healed and she slept the entire night for the very first time last week. Even though her rash has disappeared, her skin is now incredibly dry so I couldn’t have been more thankful when Childs Farm* stepped in and sent my girls some bathtime treats designed for sensitive skin.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set | Bathtime Treats for Sensitive Skin

I don’t use a lot of products on my girls as I don’t want to overload their delicate skin with too many chemicals and rock the boat. So far I’ve been loving the Cocobelle Baby Organic Coconut Oil and Harry & Rose Nappy Spray. The Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set has been a lovely addition to our routine. It contains three large bottles of the Baby Bedtime Bubbles, Baby Wash and Baby Moisturiser, all 250ml and retails for £13. It’s honestly the perfect gift for a new mum and I love the simple yet adorable packaging. The Childs Farm newborn and baby range has been specifically developed to care for sensitive and even eczema-prone skin. My favourite product is the award-winning Baby Moisturiser. It’s lightly fragranced with a scent that’s difficult to describe. It’s a clean baby smell that reminds me of fresh linen, fabric conditioner and cocoa butter. It melts effortlessly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue and leaves my girl’s skin kissably soft. Penny loves helping me massage it into her baby sister’s tiny arms and legs then wrapping her up in her Silentnight Safe Nights Hooded Towel.

Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set | Bathtime Treats for Sensitive SkinChilds Farm Baby Bedtime Set | Bathtime Treats for Sensitive Skin

The body wash is unfragranced and leaves their skin soft and squeaky clean. I’m not sure how toddlers always manage to have sticky little hands and grubby faces but this mild wash gently returns them to their clean and cuddly selves. The Baby Bedtimes Bubbles is fragranced with organic tangerine oil and creates a mountain of bubbles much to Penelope’s delight. Childs Farm use only the best naturally derived ingredients and essential oils that have undergone clinical safety tests and controlled user trials so all their products are dermatologist and paediatrician approved. Their official website also contains a rundown of all the ingredients used in their products and the reason why for extra peace of mind.

The Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set contains everything you need for a stress-free bathtime and retails for £13.