Seatox Kelp Help Seaweed Face Mask

My collection of face masks is definitely getting out of hand; I’ve become slightly obsessed over the years. I was delighted when the Seatox Kelp Help Seaweed Face Mask arrived at my doorstep as I’ve never tried anything like it before. Tess, the founder of Seatox, grew up in the west coast of Ireland where seaweed had been forged for centuries. Seaweed has served many uses throughout history such as a nutritional food source, fertiliser and ancient spa treatment.  In Tess’ quest to find a natural and vegan-friendly alternative to chemicals in her skincare and beauty products incorporating this nutrient-rich, natural resource seemed like an obvious choice.

Seatox Kelp Help Seaweed Face Mask

The ‘Kelp Help’ powder is naturally high in Iron, Iodine, retinol, magnesium and zinc. Kelp contains a multitude of benefits for the skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory which helps to calm conditions such as acne and eczema, it stimulates collagen production, hydrates, brightens and moisturises. What I love about this miracle powder is that you can use it to invent your own face mask. Simply add a heaped teaspoon of kelp with your choice of base. You can use olive oil, rose water, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, honey, avocado, banana… the possibilities are endless! I’ve tried mixing it with a little coconut oil and water which feels more like a rich cleansing balm. The mask definitely helps my skin feel softer, cleaner and fresher. I can’t wait to try more combinations!

Seatox Kelp Help Seaweed Face MaskSeatox Kelp Help Seaweed Face Mask

As well as creating fabulous skincare products, Seatox is on a mission to preserve and protect the planet. The packaging is fully recyclable and the seaweed is sustainably harvested by hand, in a way which causes zero impact on the environment. Also, a £1 from every product sold goes towards the Irish seal sanctuary who help to rehabilitate orphan seal pups who have been victims of terrible storms (caused by climate change) and injuries caused by plastic pollution.

The Wild Kelp Face Mask Powder from Seatox retails for £8.95 and is available to purchase here.

If you’d like to give Seatox a try, feel free to use the code – BLOGGERGIFT – to receive a 10% discount at the checkout.