Smoothie Movie Night with Num Noms

Everything has been about the baby recently. It’s been a big change for Penny but thankfully, so far, she’s been incredibly affectionate to “her baby” and is constantly showering Poppy with kisses and stroking her head when she starts to cry. It’s pretty adorable. There are times when I notice her becoming frustrated and angry when she has to share my attention or when the baby kicks off when we’re in the middle of a game. Making sure Penny and I get some quality girl time away from the baby has never been more important so I jumped at the chance to take part in the Num Noms Smoothie Movie Night campaign…

Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker Station

We were introduced to Num Noms just last month when Penny was sent the Glitter Lipgloss Truck Playset, which you can read all about here. If you’re still unsure what a Num Nom is, basically they are adorable and squishy little creatures that are uniquely scented and can be mixed and matched to create more than 1000 customised creatures and scent combinations. Some shimmer, light-up or stack-up it all depends on what series you purchase. They can even be traded with friends. This isn’t just a toy – it’s a worldwide phenomenon!

Smoothie Movie Night with Num Noms

We were sent a package of goodies to host our ‘girls night in’ that included a sweet package, a voucher for Google Play, a cosy blanket to wrap ourselves up in, a juice beaker, a Num Noms Surprise in a Jar and the Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker Station. My husband, Ross, took the baby upstairs and Penny and I put on our PJs and snuggled up on the couch. We downloaded Disney’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ which she absolutely loved and I sobbed most of the way through. Have you seen it? Honestly, I think I cried more than I did when I first watched Up! Nom Nums kindly supplied some treats including Lovehearts and marshmallows, and a juice bottle which I topped up with strawberry milkshake. When our film was over we went upstairs to Penny’s room where I had set up the Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker Station – this is where the real fun began!

Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker StationNum Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker StationNum Noms Surprise in a Jar Scented Light-up Num Noms Surprise in a Jar Scented Light-up

As well as little collectable creatures Num Noms have interactive playsets were kids can create their own sparkly lipglosses, nail polishes and, in this case, scrumptiously scented slime! Penny is a little on the young side for this playset so needed a lot of adult supervision but nevertheless had great fun mixing all the ingredients together, adding the glitter and creating a huge sticky mess with the jelly slime. The Snackables Silly Shakes Maker Station includes: three collectable mini snackables cups, one tub of jelly slime, two different scents and glitter ‘toppings’ and one special edition Num Nom. 

Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker StationNum Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker Station

Penny had a so much fun creating her own slimy ‘smoothie’… and so did I. I would have loved this playset as a little girl. She was also kindly sent the Num Noms Surprise in a Jar Scented Light-up Plush which was another hit. The cute soft toy smells like cotton candy and glows too. It’s her new favourite toy to go to bed with and, let me tell you, after our girls-only day/night she was exhausted!

The Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker Station retails for £39.99 and is available from Amazon, Smyth Toys and Debenhams.