Protect Your Family this Summer with LloydsPharmacy Solero Sun Lotion

This summer my family have enjoyed BBQs nearly every weekend, picnics in the park, the sand between our toes and ice lollies by the box load. We have also gone through an incredible amount of suncream to ensure we stay as safe as possible. Penny and I are very fair and turn tomato-red as soon as we leave the house, so the higher the SPF, the better! I know people often joke or even brag about their burnt skin and tan lines, and even skip suncare entirely, but is damaging and ageing your skin prematurely really worth the risk? Not to mention increasing your risk of skin cancer. This summer, LloydsPharmacy are taking care of the whole family with Solero, with their collection of high performing, affordable suncare products…

The LloydsPharmacy Solero Sun Protection Collection

During this year’s heatwave, Ross and I have been relying on the Solero Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 30 (£7 | 200ml) from the Triple Defence Protection collection. The classic Triple Defence range protects against three types of sun rays: UV-A, UV-B rays, and infra-red (IR-A) rays – which penetrate deeper into the skin and cause both short and long-term damage. The lotion is water resistant and leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and supple. It applies easily without leaving any greasy or sticky residue and leaves a delicate scent on the skin which isn’t too overpowering.

As for my little girl, I’ve been using the NEW Solero Ultra Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF 50+ (£10 | 400ml) to protect her delicate skin, which was specifically designed with children in mind. The formula is thicker and therefore heavier on the skin so requires a little more rubbing in to make sure it’s fully absorbed. A little definitely goes a long way so this huge 400ml bottle is definitely worth the investment! This collection has also been developed for people who are prone to skin allergies – in particular, those with eczema. This sun lotion is also water resistant which is great as Penny loves playing with her Little Tikes Fountain Factory in the back garden and I also appreciate that Lloyd’s haven’t added any synthetic fragrances either.

LloydsPharmacy Solero Sun Protection Collection

As well as using high-quality suncare products from Solero, this summer LloydsPharmacy give the following advice about how you can stay safe in the sun and get the best protection from your sunscreen:

  • Apply sunscreen liberally approximately 30 minutes before exposure to the sun so that it is properly absorbed by the skin
  • Re-apply at least every 2 hours to maintain protection and after swimming, exercise, perspiring or towelling
  • Avoid sunbathing between 11am – 3pm when UVB is at its strongest
  • Avoid getting sunburn and cover up or seek shade wherever possible
  • Check regularly for any unusual skin growths or changes to moles or freckles, and report them to your GP

I love that the Solero range caters to all skin types. They also have a new range of minis for travelling with too! They have even developed a brand new Solero Sun Allergy Prevention Spray, which has a high SPF and creates a barrier on the skin to prevent sun blisters and sun allergies such as prickly heat. I really hope you are making the most out of this glorious weather as much as we are, but please remember to stay safe this summer!