HelloFresh Update: Week 2 | A Recipe Box Review & Discount Code

Since my initial last HelloFresh post just over two weeks ago, I’ve sampled another two boxes and I thought I’d keep you updated with my progress. HelloFresh was kind enough to send me my first box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Ross and I were so impressed with the weekly subscription service that we decided to sign up. Basically, HelloFresh is a fresh food delivery service. You select a plan that works for you. Simply choose from a list of dishes that are updated every week and they ship all the ingredients and recipe cards straight to your door. So what meals have I made since my last post? If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already noticed a few mouth-watering additions to my feed…

Pulled Chicken Burgers, Coleslaw and Wedges

Ross and I agree that this has been our favourite meal yet. It was deceptively simple to make and a lot tastier than many I’ve ordered in restaurants for over three times the price. There are no ‘fancy’ ingredients required, actually most I already owned and my kitchen supplies are basic, to say the least. I love that thanks to HelloFresh I can now whip up a dish of homemade coleslaw and potato wedges at a moments notice.

HelloFresh Update: Week 2 | A Recipe Box Review & Discount Code

Beef Kofta Curry with Cav Aloo

This was something completely different for us. The other two options were a little on the safe side and I wanted to challenge our taste buds. Usually, if I have a curry it’s served with rice but this dish comes with a twist on a standard ‘sag aloo’ and used cavolo nero (kind of like kale) in place of spinach. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of this element of the dish, but the potatoes, koftas and creamy coconut sauce were incredible.

HelloFresh Update: Week 2 | A Recipe Box Review & Discount Code

Herbed Pork with Ratatouille, Butter Beans and Garlic Pan Sauce

Our final dish of the week was one of the easiest to make and contained 4 of my 5 a day. I’ve never had ratatouille before and very rarely eat pork so this one was especially interesting to make. Another thing I must applaud HelloFresh on is the quality and freshness of all the ingredients, especially the vegetables. So far I have yet to notice a single bruise or dent. Everything looks farmers-market quality fresh.

HelloFresh Update: Week 2 | A Recipe Box Review & Discount Code

I love this service because I completely lack any creativity or skill when it comes to cooking. We were stuck in a rut of popping to Aldi’s buying the same frozen meals, heating it up at home or spending ridiculous amounts on greasy fast food. HelloFresh is helping me to slowly build my confidence and repertoire of recipes in a fun, stress-free way. I’ve really been enjoying the whole process! I love taking 45 minutes out of my day to actually create and prepare a meal that my husband is genuinely excited to eat and impressed by. It’s a good feeling. I’ve been discovering so many dishes that I’d never think to order, let alone create from scratch and have been eating a lot healthier too.

For next week’s meals I have selected: Pork & Feta Orzotto with Leek and Courgette, Persian Chicken Dahl with Red Lentils, Minty Yoghurt and Cumin Rice, and Garlic Prawns with Mini Roast Potatoes and Walnut-Parsley Pesto. For a more in-depth look at costs, meal plans, suppliers and subscription options, check out my previous post here.

Feel free to use my code – BEAUTIFULBLUEBIRD – to get 50% off your first two boxes!

FYI I have yet to burn a single ingredient or majorly screw up, so it must be pretty foolproof!