New Suncare for 2018 | Part 1 – Evy Technology Sunscreen Mousse

Investing in high-quality suncare is incredibly important, especially when children are involved. Penny and I are both exceptionally pale and, let’s face it, we live in Scotland so have very limited experience of sunlight in general. Today is Part 1 of my ‘New Suncare for 2018’ series where I test a bunch of new suncare products with the help of my lovely little assistant. Today we’re trying out the Evy Technology Sunscreen Mousse SPF 30 Kids (£25) now available at SpaceNK…

Evy Technology Sunscreen Mousse SPF 30 Kids

Evy Technology are an award-winning high-end Swedish brand who has launched a cutting-edge range of unique sun protection which is medically proven to mimic the skin’s natural protection (the Swedish Vitiligo Society has named EVY the safest sun protection on the market). The range is aimed at athletes, parenting & children (from 6 months of age) and outdoor enthusiasts. The collection contains their original Sunscreen Mouse in SPF 10, 20, 30 and 50, two child-friendly versions in SPF 30 and 50 (specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind), an aftersun mouse, face mouse and tan accelerator all available here.

Evy Technology Sunscreen Mousse SPF 30 KidsEvy Technology Sunscreen Mousse SPF 30 Kids

I’d never used a sunscreen mouse before but Penny thought the novel way of applying it was lots of fun. Thanks to their unique, patented Proderm technology, the mousse is absorbed into the entire top layer of the skin instead of lingering on the surface like most sunscreens. It forms a protective barrier that enhances the skins own defences against the sun, water, chlorine and other irritants, whilst allowing the skin to breathe. It also provides long-lasting, water resistance protection for up to 6 hours.

Evy Technology Sunscreen Mousse SPF 30 Kids

What I love about the Evy Sunscreen Mouse is that unlike traditional sunscreen products, it doesn’t leave a sticky coating on the skin, leaves no white residue and is perfume free. Penny has very sensitive skin but there was no redness or irritation in sight, in fact, her skin felt really soft and, most importantly, she didn’t suffer from any reaction to the sun even though she was playing in her paddling pool.

The Evy Technology Sunscreen Mousse SPF 30 Kids retails for £26/100ml and is available to purchase at SpaceNK.