Cosy Candles | The UK’s No. 1 Wax Melts Subscription

We are moving house in just over a week and I’ve been searching for some candles, photo frames and accessories to brighten up the place to make it feel welcoming and more like a home. The first thing I notice when walking into someone’s house is the smell. I used to always have a vanilla candle burning away in the background as I was paranoid of anyone being greeted with dog or cat stink as soon as they entered mine. Burning the same scent or using the same air freshener over and over again can become a little monotonous so I was really excited when I received a box of highly scented soy wax melts from Cosy Candles* in a range of fragrances including Pink Champagne, Lemon Sherbet and Fresh Linen.

Cosy Candles | The UK's No. 1 Wax Melts Subscription

Cosy candles is a letterbox-friendly monthly subscription service that offers two packages: a Mini Melt Subscription Box (£9.99) which contains 28 hand-poured heart-shaped melts in 4 unique scents each month (that’s 140 hours of fragrance per box) and the Cosy Pod Subscription Box (£14.99) which contains a surprise selection of 6 pods each with it’s own unique scent (with approximately 480 hours of fragrance per box). Each box comes with free delivery.

Cosy Candles | The UK's No. 1 Wax Melts SubscriptionCosy Candles | The UK's No. 1 Wax Melts Subscription

I love the idea of receiving 6 completely unique fragrances each month. The hardest part was deciding which pod to burn first. My delivery came in a very slim box perfect for slipping through your letterbox even when your not home. The white cardboard box was decorated with a yellow ribbon and the melts were snuggly wrapped in yellow tissue paper along with a leaflet showing this month’s surprise scents. They are larger than any other wax melt I’ve tried before (100mm wide and 20mm high) and I was initially worried they wouldn’t fit my standard oil burner, but I had no difficulty whatsoever and they are easy to remove from their packaging. They have a strong but not too overpowering scent, that will travel throughout your house within hours. My box included a mixture of light, fruity, floral and musky scents such as Pink Champagne, Lemon Sherbet (my favourite), Fresh Linen, Peony & Blush, Dark Amber & Ginger and Seaweed & Juniper.

Cosy Candles | The UK's No. 1 Wax Melts Subscription

If you do sign up for the Cosy Candle subscription service, here are a few things you should know: your subscription will automatically renew each month on the date you sign up. You can expect to receive your box within 5-7 days of payment. Delivery is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time (no sooner than 7 days before your renewal date) so there’s no commitment needed.

The Cosy Pod Subscription Box (£14.99) is available to purchase here. To receive 30% off your first box feel free to use the code – ROXIE30.