Merry Christmas Everyone! | One More Sleep to Go…

“So here it is, Merry Christmas Everybody’s having fun!”

Sorry, I’m a little excited. Does anyone else find Christmas Eve even more exciting than the day itself? I’ve actually finished all my wrapping, cleaning and baking with a spare five minutes to sit with a gingerbread latte and finish watching The Polar Express, I know, I really should have a mug of hot chocolate but mummy needs her caffeine this morning. Our Christmas Eve plans include making mini star-topped mince pies for tomorrow’s buffet and devouring a huge cheese board whilst watching the one Christmas film my hubby can bear to stand; Die Hard. It a tradition to then spend an hour afterwards debating whether or not it’s actually a Christmas film.

Merry Christmas Everyone! | One More Sleep to Go...

I am so excited to see Penelope’s wee face tomorrow morning. We bought her a beautiful pink pastel play kitchen with wooden food from Melissa and Doug, a unicorn backpack, a garage for her cars and a pile of books to add to her collection. We’ll spend the morning opening our presents and eating chocolate croissants with something bubbly and then head over to my mums to exchange gifts. The whole family then meets up at a local restaurant to stuff our faces and after we then travel back to mine for party games, more nibbles, and perhaps even a few more bubbles.

It’s so easy to become obsessed with material things this Christmas but really, it’s the cheesy jokes inside the crackers, seeing the turkey for the first time, getting all cosy to watch Doctor Who and having those you love the most in the world near, that makes this time of year so magical. I hope you truly have a wonderful day tomorrow and please remember, if you are alone this Christmas and need someone to talk to, volunteers at Samaritans (116 123) are available to make sure those struggling to cope don’t feel alone.

Merry Christmas everyone!