The T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Collection Now Available At Superdrug

I can’t be the only one who watches videos of people removing black peel-off face masks on Facebook and Instagram and secretly want to try them out. You know, without spending a fortune and potentially ripping my face off. I’m also one of those strange people who loves to watch Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos on YouTube and inspect used pore strips to see what they’ve removed. That’s why I couldn’t wait to try the new Black Peel Off Mask from T-Zone’s Charcoal and Bamboo collection now at Superdrug.

The T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Collection

T-Zone have just launched 8 new skincare products perfect for oily and spot-prone skin. The Charcoal & Bamboo range contains naturally purifying Activated Charcoal, oil-controlling Bamboo Extract and skin clarifying Grapefruit. The Charcoal works as a magnet to draw out impurities from the pores that become blocked with oil and dirt. Whilst Bamboo Extract helps to control oil and balance your t-zone, along with Grapefruit to soothe and keep skin clear. The exciting range includes the classic Nose Pore Strips, Ultra Purifying Face Wash, Deep Cleansing Face Scrub, Black Cleansing Wipes, Self-Heating Mask, No-Shine Papers and, the product everyone’s talking about, the Black Peel Off Mask (£4.99 | 60ml).

The T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Collection | Black Peel Off MaskThe T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Collection | Black Peel Off Mask

The Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask is incredibly thick and a little tricky to apply at first. You really have to spread the black goo around with your fingers quite firmly to get an even layer. I concentrated the mask around my troublesome areas: nose, chin, and forehead. The mask dries down in around 30 minutes to a vinyl-like finish which feels quite tight. It really grips onto the skin, which I love as it actually feels like it’s removing all the nasties from your pores. The most common question everyone asks is, ‘does it hurt?’ Well, my first application did hurt yes, but only because I was stupid enough to spread it too close to my cheeks and undereye are which, funnily enough, T-Zone does not recommend. The second time around I stayed away from any delicate areas and I didn’t feel a thing. The mask peels off easily and in full sections which makes it easier to see what it has actually removed. I won’t gross you out with a photo, but I was seriously impressed with how much gunk came out! My forehead was a little red afterwards, however, this faded away within minutes. I can’t tell you how clean and smooth my face felt after just one application.

The T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Collection | Black Cleansing Wipes

I was also sent the Deep Cleansing Face Scrub (£2.99 | 150ml) and Black Cleansing Wipes (£2.99 for 25). It was so strange using a black face wipe at first, but once I got over the initial weirdness I was pleasantly surprised at how effectively they removed my makeup and refreshed my skin. The wipes help get rid of that greasy, shiny layer my skin can develop after wearing makeup all day without completely stripping it of moisture. The Deep Cleansing Face Scrub isn’t as packed with granules as I expected which makes for a gentle clean that won’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s not a product I will rush out and buy again, like the Black Peel-Off Mask, but it’s a nice product that has a pleasant smell and leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

The T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Collection is now available at Superdrug here.