New Beauty Releases #1 | Urban Decay, YSL & Makeup Revolution

So recently there have been three beauty launches that I’ve been so excited to try and couldn’t wait to have in my life. First up, the YSL All Hours Liquid Foundation (£33.50). To be honest, what beauty blogger wouldn’t get giddy over a new YSL release? It’s been over a month since I’ve been wearing this and it’s the one I feel most comfortable talking about. All Hours is the best foundation I’ve purchased all year, and I’ve purchased a lot. It has a natural looking full coverage matte finish which is incredibly difficult to achieve. It feels lightweight and gives my skin a flawless appearance without feeling like I’m wearing a cakey mask of product. For a full review check out my previous post here.

New Beauty Releases #1 | Urban Decay, YSL & Makeup Revolution

Next up, we have the mascara every one’s talking about the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara (£19.50). Officially released only a few days ago, this ‘sex-proof’ mascara (yep, you read that right) claims to give lashes 13.7% more volume whilst separating and lengthening each lash. I’ve literally only had this mascara for a couple of days so obviously, the jury is still out, but what I will say is that the first time I applied it, I was a little underwhelmed. My lashes looked ‘nice’ but nothing my trusty Lash Sensational could achieve, however, where the real magic happens is that second coat. Wow. It’s a total game changer. My lashes just started to get bigger and bigger with very little clumping. I’m excited to find out more about the longevity and how the formula wears in the upcoming weeks. To see the slightly fuzzy snap of my lashes after two coats that I recently posted on Twitter click here. Stay tuned for my final thoughts.

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

Okay, so this product is the one I’m most excited about, the Soph X Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette (£10). SophDoesNails (she very rarely does actual nail tutorials) is one of my favourite YouTubers. She’s basically a highlighter queen who dabbles in US beauty brands such as Ofra and Jouer but focuses mainly on UK drugstore makeup. Soph always speaks her mind and is incredibly relatable and honest. I adore her personal style (grungy with a glam twist) and the way she talks to her viewers like they are her mates rather than customers that she’s trying to influence. I actually got a little emotional watching her video swatching and explaining her inspiration and shade choices. This collaboration with Makeup Revolution is such a good fit and I’m so happy to see the brand launching a unique product rather than the stream of dupes they’ve been releasing lately.

Soph X Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

I literally squealed with delight when I saw her display in Superdrug (she has a highlighter palette that launched at the same time too). I’m actually so proud of her, which is a weird feeling to have over someone I’ve never met before but she’s one of the few beauty YouTubers I’ve had a connection with and can relate to for a very long time. I’ve been playing with this palette for a few days and will hopefully have my swatches and final thoughts up in a few weeks time.

Which beauty launches have you been excited about recently?