Shipping ColourPop to the UK | Super Shock Shadow Haul & Swatches

Every international ColourPop customer dreads two words: custom charges. Let’s break down my most recent order for any ColourPop newbies out there: I spent $50, mostly on Super Shock Shadows, which qualified my order for free International shipping (otherwise it’s $9.99), it took 2 weeks to arrive and I received a little white slip telling me how much the charges were (£16 on this occasion which apparently is pretty standard) and I had to go pay and pick it at the post office. To be honest, this was a long time coming; I’d been suspiciously lucky up until this point! I absolutely love ColourPop products and they are so affordable and high quality that I’m not too heartbroken at paying the additional fees, but I can see why this may put off potential customers in the UK.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

The whole process is pretty simple but you have another option, you can use a packaging forwarding company like MyMailBox. I have a whole post about this method here. Basically, it gives you a US address which allows you to take advantage of discounts and promotional codes currently only available to US citizens. It’s also handy for when companies don’t offer international shipping or when they have outrageous shipping fees. ColourPop actually has a decent delivery service and they have free international shipping offers (fingers crossed for a Black Friday aka 24th November event), however, I used MyMailBox when I ordered my Juvia’s Place palette before it was available on Beauty Bay which allowed me to use NikkieTutorials promo code to get a few dollars off.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, let’s get stuck into the good stuff! So, what did I order? I picked up the beautiful ‘Yes, Please!’ Pressed Shadow Eyeshadow Palette ($16) that was finally back in stock, Pressed Powder Highlighter in Here Kitty Kitty ($8), No Filter Concealer in Fair 5 ($6) and four Super Shock Shadows in Muse, Glow, Amaze and DGAF ($5 each). As part of a promotion to celebrate ColourPop reaching 5 million Instagram followers I also received a number of limited edition goodies for free including the Super Shock Shadow in Party of Five, Ultra Glossy Lip in Nine to Five and Ultra Matte Lip in Take Five. I still need a bit of time to play around with most of these products but today I thought I’d show you the latest additions to my Super Shock Shadow collection…

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows - Amaze

The Super Shadow Shock formula is a creme-powder eyeshadow with a unique bouncy texture. It’s like putty or memory foam when you press your finger into it and feels almost damp. It’s recommended you place the lid back on very tightly after use as they have a tendency to dry out very quickly. Each pan contains 2.1g of product and individually retails for $5 each.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow SwatchesColourPop Super Shock Shadow Swatches

From left to right:

Ultra Gloss Lipstick in Nine to Five – a metallic rose which is packed with gold glitter

Ultra Matte Lipstick in Take Five – a deep rose mauve

Super Shock Eyeshadow in Party of Five – a mauve with a light gold shift

Muse – an ultra-metallic rusty rose

DGAF – a metallic rose which is packed with gold glitter

Amaze – a multi-dimensional metallic peachy gold

Glow – a matte creamy vanilla from the Kathleen Lights collection

The ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, especially the metallics, always swatch like absolute perfection with no fallout. None of these swatches were built up, this is one swipe people! The pigmentation is unreal and they are incredibly long-lasting. The only disappointing shade is Glow, it’s just too similar to my pale skin tone and is virtually invisible, so I wish that I hadn’t wasted my money on this but otherwise I’m delighted.

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