Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love

The Rehab Makeup Prep collection from Urban Decay consists of four products: a Hot Springs Hydrating Gel, Pretty Gritty Skin Polish, Pore Refining Peel and Lip Love. I was initially excited by the prospect of this collection but then soon after the launch, the hype slowly fizzled out and I’ve barely heard anyone talk about them. That was until I came across this video featuring my all time favourite drag queen, Katya Zamolodchikova, endorsing the collection.Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love

I have notoriously sensitive lips and my love for matte lipstick formulas can leave them extremely dry and cracked so I decided to take advantage of their free delivery and two deluxe sample offer and try out Lip Love (£11/12.3g). Lip Love is a moisturising lip balm with an oil-based formula that contains a conditioning blend of shea butter and coconut oil with a coconut-mint flavour. It does a good job of soothing and hydrating my lips and I’ve noticed a visible overall improvement in their condition since I started using it over four weeks ago. Applying a lip balm has become a vital step in my skincare routine and Lip Love really does exactly what it claims, however, at £11 I couldn’t help but think about all the great lip care products I’ve used over the years which do exactly the same thing at a fraction of the price. These include the Bee Good Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm (£3/10ml), the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm (from £2.59/10g) and Dr Paw Paw Original Balm (£6.95/25ml). Yes, I admit I raved about the YSL Volupt Tint-In-Balm which was basically a fancy lip balm which retails for *gulp* £27 but there was a luxuriousness to the packaging and a beauty to that plump ‘just bitten’ glow it gave my lips. Plus, as a makeup collector, just owning it makes me happy. Lip Love is a little too basic to get overly excited about. It’s a nice product that does exactly what it claims, however, is it a must have? Sometimes I forget that I even bought it.

What is your favourite lip balm?