Photo Diary | Family Day Out in Edinburgh… On a Budget.

After booking a few nights away at the Piperdam Resort in Dundee next month (hello log cabin and hot tub), it’s safe to say that we’ve been left pretty skint for the rest of the month. Although, this didn’t stop us from having our usual family day out in Edinburgh last weekend. Surprisingly enough, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be entertained in the capital. The Fringe is currently in full swing which means tourists, crowds, bagpipes, more tourists and even more crowds and the occasional sound of bagpipes, however, it also means street performers, live music and an atmosphere that can’t be rivaled. Last year, we saw Superbolt’s Jurassic Park which I think is playing again this year. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It was pure nostalgia at it’s finest but in an unexpected and touching way. Plus, it had a dinosaur made out of a rucksack and actors prancing about like velociraptors – what’s not to love?

Photo Diary | Edinburgh Family Day Out on a BudgetPhoto Diary | Edinburgh Family Day Out on a BudgetPhoto Diary | Edinburgh Family Day Out on a BudgetPhoto Diary | Edinburgh Family Day Out on a Budget Edinburgh Family Day Out on a Budget | National Museum of ScotlandEdinburgh Family Day Out on a Budget | Greyfriar's BobbyPhoto Diary | Edinburgh Family Day Out on a Budget

Really, I just used our jaunt into the city as another opportunity to play around with my fancy new camera, but unfortunately pretty much all of the photos I took at the National Museum of Scotland (free admission = jackpot) didn’t turn out very well. We had a lovely day though that didn’t break the bank in the slightest. We parked in Morningside as to avoid the traffic, hefty parking fees and general chaos of the festival, had a thrifty lunch at Greggs, sunbathed in the gardens along Princess Street, played with all the science gadgets and gizmos in the museum and people watched along the Royal Mile whilst listening to live music around every corner.

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