August’s Top Five Under £5 | Makeup & Skincare For Under Five Pound

Last month I started a new series of posts which showcases skincare and beauty products all under £5 each. If you didn’t catch July’s post featuring The Ordinary, Rimmel, Eylure and Carmex, it’s available here. As much as I love my high-end makeup, you just can’t beat a bargain and this month I have five products to share with you, many of them costing as little as £1.

First up, the Essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Coral (£1 | Wilko) is currently one of my favourite pocket money buys. Satin Coral is a warm peach which is very richly pigmented and surprisingly long lasting. The powder is soft, not chalky in the slightest, and isn’t glittery or overly shimmery but still gives your cheeks a beautiful, soft glow. It really is incredible value and if you only pick up one of today’s finds I definitely recommend that it’s this one.

August's Top Five Under £5 | Makeup & Skincare For Under Five Pound

Another budget-friendly product I’ve mentioned before is the Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder (£2.23 | Amazon). The packaging is basic but practical, as I’d expect considering the price tag; you can’t really complain if you’re paying just over £2 for 12g of product! What I love about this highlighter is that it’s not glittery, which is a rarity for affordable highlighters these days. The pan seems quite dry at first but it’s surprisingly easy to pick up and effortless to blend. It adds a beautiful luminosity to your face that really brightens your whole complexion. It’s perfect for pale skin tones and, to be honest, at only £2 you can’t go wrong.

The Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials

Now, I paid less than a fiver for this next product on Amazon but it appears the price from my original seller has increased to £5.99, but don’t worry, I’ve been told by a number of reliable sources that the dupes on Ebay are basically the exact same thing. The Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials allows you to dry clean your brushes and switch between different colours and shades, eliminating the possibility of any transfer without the need to change brushes. Inside the box, you will find a tin containing a black mesh sponge which you then press and rotate you brush over in a circular motion until all traces of product has gone, it’s that simple and it really works.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Rose Swatches

The Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Rose (£2.99 | Superdrug) consists of 6 shades: a pretty pearl highlighting shade, a golden peach, a rose gold, a pink-hued bronze, a warm chocolate brown and dark black with red undertones. With the exception of the darkest shade (very patchy), I was seriously impressed with how velvety smooth and highly pigmented these shadows are. They do apply with a little shimmery fallout, but their surprisingly buttery texture more than makes up for this. They blend easily and although I use a primer to increase the longevity (as I do with most eyeshadows) Nude Rose is such underrated palette which won’t disappoint you.

Primark PS... Lip Liner Pencils Primark PS... Lip Liner Pencils Swatches

Finally, these PS… Lip Liner Pencils (£1 | Primark) all give a long lasting matte finish and are incredibly easy to apply. They are so creamy and pigmented that you don’t have to tug at them or drag them across your lips, the colour payoff is instant. I was surprised by this collection, they don’t feather and although the colour variation is limited I’m positive you’ll find at least a few shade matches.

Do you have any favourite budget buys?