Freedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Freedom is a brand whose stand I’ve passed many times in Superdrug but never really gave a fair try. Their products looked nice but nothing ever really excited me up until this launch. As much as I love my palette collection, I’ve found myself purchasing more single eyeshadows recently. I very rarely use all the shades in my palettes and let’s face it, there’s always that one dud shade that doesn’t quite match up to the rest. I also find myself buying palettes I’ll never use but are so beautifully packaged and over hyped that I purchase them knowing full well I’ll probably never use have the shades inside. This is why I’m determined NOT to buy the UD Naked Heat palette.

Freedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs

What I love about my trusty ZPalette is that it allows me to mix and match my favourite shades to make a fully customisable palette specifically for me – every girl’s dream, right? Whilst I’ve still to master the depotting technique, my ZPalette is full of all my favourites from ColourPop, MAC, Makeup Geek and ABH. I’ll admit, you may not find the most adventurous colour scheme inside but I use every single shade and they’re all Roxie approved.

Freedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs | Review & SwatchesFreedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs | Review & Swatches

Buying single eyeshadows can be an expensive business (especially if you are getting them shipped over from the US) so I was really excited to try these ProArtist Foil packs from Freedom which are designed to fit in their #ProArtist magnetic palettes. They retail at £5 each (each pan contains 1.2g of product) and I picked them up during a 3 for 2 event, so all 15 cost me only £10. I picked up three packs: Burnt, Metallic 1 and Matte Bare.

Freedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs in Bare Matte | Review & SwatchesFreedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs in Bare Matte | Review & Swatches

So let’s start with the worst of the bunch and work our way up. There’s not much to say about the Bare Matte pack. I had high hopes for this little set, however, you can probably tell from the swatches that I wasn’t impressed. To be fair, these swatches are only one swipe of my finger, they are buildable but they’re also chalky and fade incredibly easily so I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on these.

Freedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs in Burnt | Review & SwatchesFreedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs in Burnt | Review & Swatches

There is a lot of improvement with the Burnt pack. This is perhaps, the most on trend pack of the three. The burnt sunset colour story is stunning but, unfortunately, it’s just not a good look on me. I don’t mind forking out a couple quid to experiment with a few shades but personally, I can’t wait for this trend to be over; that’s why I was slightly disappointed with UD’s latest release. Anyway, as you can tell this pack contains a beautiful mix of neutral and warm tone shimmer shades. The shimmers are way more pigmented than the mattes. They are softer and easy to work with whereas the mattes are, once again, powdery, patchy & cheap.

Freedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs in Metallic 1 | Review & SwatchesFreedom ProArtist Foil Eyeshadow Packs in Metallic 1 | Review & Swatches

Finally, the Metallic pack is where the magic happens. Let me remind you, this only one quick finger swatch; no layering needed! Freedom know how to do affordable shimmers. Yes, there is quite a significant amount of fall out but I’m really impressed with the rich and even distribution of pigmentation of these five shades. They are very easy to work with and blend like a dream. Are they true foil eyeshadows? Compared to my Makeup Geek foils I’m not sure I’m convinced, however, they are lovely shades and the only five out of the fifteen that will make it anywhere near my beloved ZPalette.