…and now you are one.

This has been the quickest and most wonderful year of your Mama’s life. It feels like you have always been a part of my world but, at the same time, it feels like I was just holding you for the very first time yesterday.

I spent my Saturday night wrapping your presents, tying banners to the curtain rails, blowing up pastel pink balloons and sticking random photos of your very first year all over the house. My gorgeous girl. We bought you a beautiful floral tee-pee for the garden, a pile of books for our bedtime stories, a pair of tiny pink Converse, a sand pit, paddling pool, tea set and clothes; but no present could ever hold a candle to the happiness and love you have given your mama over this past year.

Thank you for making me laugh my funny little princess, thank you for sharing all your giggles, hugs and even your tears. Yes, this year has been wonderful but I’ve got a feeling, as you slowly start to strengthen those jelly legs and start to turn your babbles into words, that our adventure has just begun!