Festival Accessories & Beauty Essentials with l’Occitane

I think the first ever music festival I went to was T in the Park and I’m pretty sure the Arctic Monkeys were headlining. I remember sipping on a pint of ice-cold ridiculously over-priced cider whilst listening to Paolo Nutini cooing away in the background, reciting every word to my favourite song at the time – Foundations by Kate Nash (cringe), making my way to the front of Scissor Sisters because my friends were way too cool to be caught dead there, hearing 75,000 people chant “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” in perfect unison and getting chills, feeling out of place in the slam tent and falling in love (temporarily) with Arcade Fire,  Klaxons, Jamie T and Blood Red Shoes because I thought just knowing their names made me so much cooler.

Festival Accessories & Beauty Essentials with l'OccitaneHurricane Lamp at Dot Com Gift Shop £12.95 | Beaded Hat at Accessorize £20 | Tattoos at Accessorize £2 |  Hand Cream Trio at L’Occitane £22 | Barbie Backpack at Truffle Shuffle £39.99 | Moomins Flask at Truffle Shuffle £17.99 | Hip Flask at Dot Com Gift Shop £8.95

As you can probably tell, I’m not really a hardcore festival goer. I was one of those silly girls wearing sparkly wellies, face paint, a flower crown and searching each tent to track down the closest thing I could find to a boy band… and, to be fair, ten years on I’m still like that. Just because you’re covered in mud (and God knows what else but try not to think about that), sunburnt, hungover and absolutely knackered doesn’t mean you can’t look and at least try to smell your best with a little help from L’Occitane and their collection of beauty gift sets such as the Festival Beauty Kit.

Festival Accessories & Beauty Essentials with l'Occitane

Wellingtons at Hunter Boots £63 | Festival Beauty Essentials at L’Occitane £21 | Bruce Springsteen at Truffle Shuffle £16.99 | Wet Wipes at Dot Com Gift Shop 29p | Washbag at Truffle Shuffle £19.99 | David Bowie at Truffle Shuffle £19.99

Of course, other not-so-glamorous festival essentials include toilet paper, sun cream, dry shampoo, deodorant, plenty of water and aspirin but who wants to talk about those potentially life-saving items when Truffle Shuffle have a Barbie backpack currently in stock?

What were some of your first festival experiences and who did you see play? What festival essentials (practical and impractical) can’t you live without?*This post is sponsored.