Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara | No More Spider Lashes

When the Volume Shake Mascara from Rimmel London arrived at my door, I immediately rolled my eyes. I’m over all the gimmicks: the spiky wands, the primers, the fibres and even the ones without brushes. Although, on second thoughts,  I actually really want to try this. Anyone have a spare $150? Rimmel’s latest mascara retails for £6.99 and makes some big claims…

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara


The Volume Shake Mascara features a first-to-market shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula whenever needed. This keeps the mascara clump-free and fresh from the first to last application. No clumps means no spider lashes and no flakey or dried up mascara tubes. The packaging is very chunky and heavier that all my other mascaras but not so much that it’s inconvenient to travel with. The brush comes out of the tube with hardly any resistance, which made me think the wand would be caked in product, but this isn’t the case in the slightest. The brush isn’t anything revolutionary; it’s just large and contains soft bristles.

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara

As I’ve mentioned before, my lashes are fair and quite stubby so I was really pleasantly surprised by the amount of definition and volume only one coat instantly gave them. Despite the large brush I also found it relatively easy to separate my lashes from corner to corner. Due to its groundbreaking shaker technology, this mascara has an unusually long shelf life. As I have the tendency to never finish a whole mascara, this is definitely a positive thing, however, I can’t help but think that surely you shouldn’t keep it for 12 months (even if it’s clump-free) because of any bacteria?

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara

I’ve been using this mascara for over three weeks now and my first impressions of it are really positive. I can’t wait to see if its formula stays as clump-free as Rimmel are claiming it is. Don’t worry I’ll keep you updated!

The Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara retails for £6.99 and is available here.