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Recently, I discovered the website*, home of all things health and wellbeing related for the entire family. I love finding new websites that stock brands and products I can’t find at my local pharmacy, or even entire high street for that matter! offer everything from cold remedies, sexual health products (don’t worry they use discreet packaging to avoid awkward conversations with your postie), pain relief, vitamins & supplements, baby products, skin care, toiletries, makeup and lots more. They are direct, reliable and professional with more than 50 years experience. - The Family Pharmacy That May Surprise You | Beauty Haul

Obviously, I couldn’t resist a little haul and very kindly let me select a few of my favourite products to share with you today to give you just a taste of what they currently offer. Let’s start with nail polish because a girl can never have enough, right? I picked up the Jessica Nail Varnish in Conch Shell (£7.99) and Mavala Mini Colour in Lavender (£4.75). I’ve been a huge fan of Jessica nail polishes ever since I picked up a few at TK Maxx last year. have a selection of beautiful shades in both 7.4ml & 14.8ml varieties and I couldn’t resist a classic pretty pink for spring. I had actually never tried anything from the brand Mavala before but I’m so impressed with their formula. Considering how light this shade is it’s very opaque. The shade is so pretty and I love how dinky the bottle is as it’s perfect for throwing in my handbag when I need to touch-up. I also picked the Mavala Nail Polish Remover (£3.90/100ml) as I constantly seem to be running out, plus this is designed specifically for fragile nails and since having Penny my nails have been really soft and delicate.

Jessica Custom Nail Colour Conch Shell

As much as I love the look of false lashes, I struggle so badly at putting them on. My hands are so shaky and I always end up stabbing myself in the eye with my tweezers. That’s why I couldn’t resist this handy little gadget. The Eylure Lash Applicator (£5.65) is a custom designed applicator that helps to grip on to the lash and apply them to the lash line with minimal fuss or mess. It really helps me to get a proper hold of the lash and therefore be more precise.

Eylure Lash Applicator


Not everything I received was as quite as exciting but just as useful and practical. That’s what I love about, you can find everything from designer perfume to tampons, wax strips, shampoo and deodorant. One product I can’t be without is quality razors, so I added the Gillette Simply Venus 2 Razors (£2.29) to my basket as Gillette are really the only two brand I trust for my shaving needs. - The Family Pharmacy That May Surprise You | Beauty Haul

As a beauty blogger, I try out a lot of new products that don’t always agree my skin. I tried an exfoliator recently that left my face all blotchy and red. The Avene Eau Thermal Water Spray has been on my wishlist for some time now as I thought it would be perfect for cooling my poor irritated skin down if this was to ever happen again. Apparently, it’s also great for using after you have shaved your legs, nappy rash and sunburn. The Eau Thermale Avene 3 Step Routine For Sensitive Skin (£15.49) was such a great bargain that I couldn’t resist. - The Family Pharmacy That May Surprise You | Beauty Haul

The next two products are my favourite out of this entire beauty haul. The Dr Paw Paw Tinted Peach Balm (£6.95/25ml) creates a long-lasting, hydrating barrier, perfect for pampering my dry, cracked and weather-beaten lips, plus it gives them a beautiful glossy finish. I’m a huge fan of the original (I wore it all last Summer) and the peach version contains all the properties of the original balm with a subtle tint of colour which can be used on your lips and cheeks. Finally, we have LA Girl Pro Conceal in Porcelain (£3.99/8g), one of my favourite drugstore concealers. I was nearly running out so I was delighted to find a number of shades (including colour correcting ones) available on This squeezy concealer can simply be brushed on to any imperfection and dark circle and gives crease-resistant, opaque coverage with a lightweight texture.

There you have it, my first beauty haul. What was your favourite product and brand out of the ones I mentioned above?