Best Bronzer For Pale Skin | The Body Shop Honey Bronze Powder

The Body Shop have been seriously impressing me lately. Although I’ve noticed their prices starting to steadily creep up (they’re not high-end yet but they are not drugstore anymore either) I use their Shade Adjusting Drops, Fresh Nude Foundation and Camomile Cleansing Balm on nearly a daily basis. Seriously, check them out you won’t be disappointed. I was looking for a new bronzer as my Boujois Delice De Poudre (the chocolate one) was nearly running out. As I’m pale, I find it difficult to find a bronzer that isn’t too warm and doesn’t give that muddy appearance to my skin. I had been debating with myself whether to pick up the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, whether to have the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer shipped over from the US or to wait for Benefit’s Hoola Light release.

Best Bronzer For Pale Skin | The Body Shop Honey Bronze Powder

Then someone on Twitter (I can’t for the life of me remember who) recommend I try the Honey Bronze Powder from The Body Shop. The Honey Bronze collection consists of a pressed powder compact, face gel, highlighting dome, shimmering lip balm, liquid drops, tinted leg mist and dry oil – this range certainly covers all you bronzing needs! It was really only the pressed powder that interested me but it’s nice to have options I guess. The powder comes in five shades and I was immediately drawn to the lightest. The compact comes with a mirror and the powder is pressed with a honeycomb pattern on top.

Best Bronzer For Pale Skin | The Body Shop Honey Bronze PowderBest Bronzer For Pale Skin | The Body Shop Honey Bronze Powder

The powder has a buttery soft texture and a matte finish. Shade 1 is incredibly light but I absolutely adore it. It blends flawlessly and gives a very subtle warmth to my pasty skin. I don’t really see it as a conventional ‘bronzer’ as it doesn’t give me that ‘sun-kissed’ glow that I associate with them. It just makes me look… well… more alive! My skin is so pale that sometimes I feel that I look a bit tired and unwell, the Honey Bronze Powder gives it an untraceable warmth and instant pick-me-up. It’s so easy to blend and never looks patchy, plus it’s so light, shimmer-free and cool-toned that it’s very hard to ‘over do’ it. It gives natural looking depth to the skin without a hint of orange anywhere in sight. Shade 1 of The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Powder really is a pale girl’s best friend.

The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Powder retails for £14/11g and is available to purchase here.