Nip+Fab Skin Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix | An Anti-Aging Treatment That Actually Works?

I’ll be turning 28 this week and I still suffer from spots and blackheads. It’s just not fair. On top of that my forehead is lined and, due to a hatred of my glasses and therefore a constant state of frowning, I have lines under my eyes too. The ones under my eyes aren’t incredibly noticeable but they do like to eat up my concealer and crease horribly if I don’t us a setting powder. I’ve tried a number of ‘anti-aging’ remedies in preparation for my thirties, many nice but none I’d consider a ‘holy grail’ product.

Nip+Fab Skin Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix | An Anti-Aging Treatment That Actually Works?

I always thought of Nip+Fab as a ‘younger’ brand aimed at the Kylie Jenner fan club and that Rodial (their sister company) was their more grown-up, serious alternative so I was surprised that their collection included ‘Wrinkle Fix’ solutions. I love how their packaging stands out among the sea of pink boxes in Superdrug and how the names of their products (Bee Sting, Dragon’s Blood and Viper Venom) completely draw you in. I was very kindly sent this product by Nip+Fab and although I was delighted to receive it, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Do any of these wrinkle products actually ever work? Well, actually, I think this one does…

Nip+Fab Skin Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix | An Anti-Aging Treatment That Actually Works?

The clear serum is scented with Nip+Fab’s signature fragrance which I appreciate is a little too intense for some but it fades once applied. The serum contains “Wrinkle Blur Technology” that contains light defusing properties, SYN-AKE apparently inspired by the potent effect of venom from the Temple Viper and LIFTONIN-XPRES to minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Let me just say, I instantly fell in love with this serum. In a matter of days, I could actually see a difference in the appearance of the wrinkles on my forehead, and so could my close friends and family. They obviously hadn’t completely disappeared, but their appearance had softened considerably. However, as you might have guessed, the effects are temporary, I’ve been using it for a month and if I skip a day I can tell. I wish I had taken before and after photos but in complete honesty, I didn’t expect this product to work so well! I’m really intrigued by the Viper Venom collection and can’t wait to get my hands on their more concentrated Viper Venom Frown Fix pen and Eye Gel roll-on. I can’t emphasise enough how underrated this brand is and how effective this serum is, I love when my initial cynicism is proved wrong!


Have you tried any Nip+Fab products?




As stated above this post contains PR samples or/and gifted items, however, all opinions are my own.