Grab a Cuppa | Posts I’ve Enjoyed Reading This Week #1

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent mine Pokemon hunting in Edinburgh (I’m still on the hunt for that elusive Pinsir) and accidently-on-purpose filling my online Beauty Bay basket with all sorts of Makeup Geek loveliness, don’t you hate it when that happens? Anyway, I read a ridiculous amount of blogs each week but often forget to interact with them i.e. leave a comment or share their content, as a blogger I should know better, but there you have it. Social media and blogs are basically my lifeline to the outside world, yes, I read books and occasionally go outside, but I don’t own a TV licence (thank god for Netflix) or ever buy magazines (unless there’s a bitchin’ free sample attached). With this being said, every Sunday I thought I’d start sharing a handful of posts from some very talented, honest and passionate bloggers that I’ve enjoyed reading.

Grab a Cuppa | Posts I've Enjoyed Reading This Week #1

They may or may not have been written this week but, for whatever reason, they’ve caught my eye and I’m glad they did. Please be warned, I’m a very random reader so expect an eclectic collection of posts from, as you’d expect, beauty reviews, mental health, parenting, sex, fandom, fashion, recipes and fashion, just to name a few. So, put your feet up brew a cuppa, reach for a huge bar of Galaxy and enjoy reading…

Put On Your War Paint. Why Is It So Important To Stand Up Right Now? We Are Not Equal. & It’s a Lying Shame. Fake Followers Are on The Increase. | London Beauty Queen
Estee Lauder Talks China, Animal Testing & The Future of the Industry | Honey Pop
Stealing Images Is Not Okay | Jasmine Talks Beauty
Can I Be a Strong Woman Without Being Independent? | Nourish ME
Must Read Books For Bloggers | Colours and Carousels
98 Thoughts While Watching Gilmore Girls |The Illustrated Teacup
Just a Number | Vix Meldrew
My F*ck Budget | Robowecop

What did you get up to this weekend?

What posts have you enjoyed reading this week?