Tummy Time With the Tummy Tunes Giraffe from Little Tikes

Any mention of ‘Tummy Time’ at my grandparent’s house is instantly met with groaning, eye rolling and a lengthy discussion about how they didn’t have all this ‘newfangled modern rubbish’ when they were children. To be honest, while the phrase ‘Tummy Time’ sounds a bit gimmicky to those who haven’t heard of it before, it’s really nothing new. Tummy Time is essentially time spent on the baby’s tummy – aren’t you glad I told you that? Otherwise, who knows how you would have coped!

Tummy Tunes Giraffe from Little Tikes

Tummy Time is all about giving the baby the opportunity to lift their head, turn their necks and strengthen the muscle groups that help them to eventually sit, crawl and walk. Penny hated it at first but we persevered with just a few minutes or so on the floor a day to get her used to it. She still makes a fuss but she is slowly getting more and more accustomed to it thanks to her Tummy Tunes Giraffe from Little Tikes.

Tummy Time With the Tummy Tunes Giraffe from Little Tikes

The Tummy Tunes Giraffe is suitable to use from birth and is the perfect all-in-one tummy toy. It encourages Penny to stretch and reach whilst engaging her core as she tries to hit the piano keys which have two modes: piano and song. Don’t worry it doesn’t blast out tedious nursery rhymes that will eventually drive you bananas like so many other toys, thankfully the music is quite quiet and gentle to everyone’s ears. The soft giraffe is not only visually stimulating but features a ‘self-discovery’ mirror so she can gaze at her own reflection which Penelope thinks is hilarious. There are also teething rings to soothe her poor gums, a squeaker and ‘crackling’ leaves to scrunch.

Tummy Time With the Tummy Tunes Giraffe from Little Tikes (Plus Giveaway!)

The giraffe keeps her entertained for ages and is the perfect size for travelling with. She loves the feel of all the textures and scrunching up the leaves so their crackle. All the attachments are easy to grip onto and shove into her mouth without any fear of choking, but obviously, she’s never left unattended.