Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo Treatment | The ‘Better Hair in a Week’ Challenge

Pregnancy left my hair a complete mess; damaged, dry and thinning, so when I was asked if I’d like to take the ‘Better Hair in a Week Challange’ by Hairapeutix I couldn’t resist. Hairapeutix is a revolutionary pre-shampoo treatment made with a signature blend of natural oils and organic ingredients to condition and restore tired hair and dried out extensions. The nourishing treatment is designed to be used before washing your hair, which encourages the absorption of the unique treatment for long-lasting, effective results. 

Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo Treatment | The 'Better Hair in a Week' Challenge

The treatment comes in two sizes; the Mini (contains 2 sachets & retails for £5.99) and the Ultra Box (contains 8 & retails for £18.99) both available here. The pre-shampoo treatment is vegan-friendly, made with natural ingredients and is free from silicones, parabens and ‘chemical nasties’. So let’s find out if this mini treatment can really give me #betterhairinaweek

Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo Treatment | The 'Better Hair in a Week' Challenge

To apply the treatment you must first warm the sachet in your hands for a few seconds to fully liquefy the contents. Then simply apply liberally to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes. It can also be used overnight and washed out in the morning for a more intensely nourishing treatment. 

I used the treatment in conjunction with my usual shampoo and conditioner (the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer) and kept it in for the recommended 30 minutes. I was pleased to find that you get a lot of product in each sachet and that the formula is packed with natural oils including coconut, almond, avocado and olive oil. I was worried that it would leave a greasy residue on my hair at first so I took my time making sure it was completely washed out to avoid any build-up. After both treatments, my hair felt ultra-soft and was definitely more manageable than before. It didn’t help the amount of hair I seem to be losing (the bath was still covered after each wash) but I didn’t really expect it too. I think seeing any improvement in this area will depend on my hormones getting themselves back in check. I also found that after both applications I didn’t have to spend so much time straightening all the little wispy layers and frizzy ends as I usually do, it lay better and looked a lot glossier. 

The Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo Treatment is available here

*This post contains a PR or/and gifted item.

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