Primark PS… Illuminate Cream Highlighter Palette | Review & Swatches

Primark beauty products really intrigue me. There are a lot of really good products in their collection (I adore their £1 lip liners for example) however, there are also a lot of disappointing products too. I find their range to be very hit or miss. I’m like a magpie when I see a highlighter I’ve never tried before, so I picked up the PS… Illuminate Cream Highlighting Palette (£4) in the hopes it would be a more affordable dupe for my beloved Sleek Solstice Palette (£9.99), which I recently reviewed here.

Primark PS... Illuminate Cream Highlighter Palette | Reviews & Swatches

The packaging is incredibly similar to the Sleek palette, however, instead of being shiny metallic gold this is a matte rose gold plastic, which I actually prefer; no more infuriating fingerprints to keep wiping off. There are five shades in this palette, compared to the four in Solstice, one in place of a brush which let’s face it nobody ever uses. It’s very similar to Sleek’s newest launch, Cleopatra’s Kiss. I actually prefer the combination of shades in Illuminate, they are far warmer and easy to wear. As pretty as Hemisphere was, I didn’t really have any need for a lilac highlighting powder in my collection, I’m really not that adventurous.

Primark PS... Illuminate Cream Highlighter Palette | Reviews & Swatches

Every shade in Illuminate blends well, melting at the warmth of my fingertips and effortlessly gliding onto the skin. The shades are not as pigmented as Solstice, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They give a more subtle glow to the cheeks which I actually think is a lot prettier than a sharp, blinding highlight.

Primark PS... Illuminate Cream Highlighter Palette | Reviews & Swatches

Every shade from this palette is soft and creamy, however, as I suspected, they aren’t very long lasting which is a shame. Personally, I feel that cream highlighters don’t work with my combination skin, they make it appear greasy so I’d rather pay more for the Sleek Palette, however, this isn’t a bad product by any means; I just don’t think it suits my skin type.

The PS… Illuminate Cream Highlighter Palette retails at only £4 and is available in selected Primark Stores.

Have you tried any products from Primark’s beauty collection?

What’s your favourite highlighting product?