Let’s Get Organised with Busy B | Mama & Blogger Edition

I was very kindly sent this cute diary and sticky notepad months ago from Busy B, however, it’s only until recently I’ve actually managed to get my act together and truly get organised. I don’t know what it is about new stationery, but give me a few new pens and some pretty paper, and suddenly, I’m motivated to plan, write and create, especially when I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. Recently, it feels like I’ve been living two separate lives: the blogger and the mama, and this 2016-2017 diary is perfect for anyone juggling work and family life.

Let's Get Organised with Busy B | Mama & Blogger Edition

And Busy B know all about juggling mum life. When award-winning creator and designer Kerri Binnie (the ‘B’ in Busy B) became a mum she went to work crafting cleverly thought-out solutions to tame the mayhem of modern life. This 2016/2017 Academic Diary, for example, contains document pockets, timetables and week-by-week side-by-side dual schedules. It’s the perfect family and blogger planner.

Let's Get Organised with Busy B | Mama & Blogger Edition

 Blog Planner

The right side functions as my blog planner. I try to schedule my promotional Tweets every Monday for the rest of the week, making sure to promote each of my social media channels (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin’), my new post and one from the archives. I also keep track of how many comments, page views and new followers I’ve received. Recently, I’ve been keeping track of how many images on Pinterest I’ve pinned too and I’ve seen a noticeable growth in my following since doing this. All this info helps me to create monthly goals and record my blog’s growth. I also note down the times of Twitter chats, the photos I need to take and the post that I need to write for next week. I use the list section down the side to record post ideas as soon they come to me.

Let's Get Organised with Busy B | Mama & Blogger Edition

Family Planner

The left side of my diary functions as my mama planner. Doctor’s appointments, delivery times, my hubby’s work schedule, household tasks and my meal plan all go in this section, along with some cute self-care stickers from the lovely Dorkface Etsy Shop to remind me to take it easy once and a while. Down the left-hand side is where I jot down my shopping list for the week. 

Let's Get Organised with Busy B | Mama & Blogger Edition

As well as diaries Busy B have a beautiful range of desk, meal, wedding and even Christmas planners. They also have a cute collection of floral and animal-inspired Mini Sticky Notes if you run out of space.

Let's Get Organised with Busy B | Mama & Blogger Edition

 You’ll be happy to know that their new 2017 range has just been released and it’s just as practical and beautiful. It even has an updated version of my floral dual planner shown above. Whether you’re a blogger, mama, bride-to-be or lover of all things stationery you’re sure to find the perfect organiser to help you to stay focused, on time and motivated.

 How do you stay organised?

Do you have a planner/bullet journal/diary?