Kokoso Baby | Natural & Organic Coconut Oil for Baby-Soft Babies

Penelope is now 5 weeks old; I can’t believe how quickly time is passing! Bath time with a newborn can be a bit of a military operation. There’s so much to take into consideration. Is the water too hot/cold? Have I put enough water in? Is she ever going to stop crying? Has she just peed in the bath? And are the products I’m using gentle enough for her sensitive skin? Thank goodness for Kokoso Baby…

Kokoso Baby | Natural & Organic Coconut Oil for Baby-Soft Babies

Like most babies, Penny has a touch of baby acne as well as a dry scalp and lots of folds and creases that are a bit tender so choosing bath and skin care products gentle enough for her sensitive skin was an absolute must. Kokoso Baby* was created by a mum who had a similar experience with her little girl. She was worried about the effects of introducing unnecessary chemicals to her daughters already dry, delicate skin and made it her mission to find the perfect 100% natural and organic solution. She discovered a high quality, organic raw coconut oil from a family-run farm in Thailand with amazing natural nutrients and created Kokoso Baby, a skincare product pure enough for both mum and baby.

The award-winning multipurpose oil is an all-natural body butter, silky bottom balm and heavenly massage oil all in one, and Penelope’s skin absolutely loves it. After her bath, our favourite thing to do is have a little massage by warming-up the solid coconut oil in my hand and following some basic steps which can be found here. It nourishes her skin without being greasy or sticky and helps to combat flakiness and dry patches without irritating her skin further. Her skin is so soft and even more kissable after applying Kokoso Baby.

The Kokoso Baby 100% Natural & Organic Coconut Oil (£7.49/168g) is available at their online store here and at Boots.com.