Pregnancy | 20 Things to Do Before the Baby Arrives

With less than two weeks until my due date, I’m starting to feel really restless. I had all these amazing plans about what I would spend all my free time doing before she arrives; start a bullet journal/blogger planner, post every day, schedule tweets, clean the house, organise her toys and clothes, go for a massage and generally pamper myself a bit. Unfortunately, not much of this has happened due to how bloody uncomfortable, tired and generally stressed out I’ve been feeling recently. I’ve literally never been this uncomfortable in my life! I can’t stand, sit or lie down for more than 15 minutes in the same position due to my sore back plus, I’m anaemic so I’m popping little red pills three times a day to get my iron back up which isn’t helping with the fatigue and constant breathlessness.

I don’t mean to rant, I know I’m lucky to be able to carry my own child as I know so many can’t, but it’s hard work and after being locked up in the house all day with no one for company but Alfie, like some kind of house-bound ticking time bomb, a rant was eventually bound to happen. My clothes don’t fit, my skin is breaking out and I just finished watching the last series of The Newsroom and there were so many feels added to my already dodgy hormones that I can’t stop crying every time I think about it. Have you watched it?  It’s so good. So my day’s have mostly consisted of lots of eating, taking long bubble baths (I’m talking hours) and watching Netflix (How amazing is Ru Paul’s Drag Race?! I’ve just discovered it and I am obsessed.). 

I’ve decided that from tonight I’m going to try and snap myself out of my baby coma and write a checklist of things to do in these last few weeks before our baby girl arrives –

Start filling in my baby record book & take snaps of my bump whilst I still can.
Make a relaxing playlist for the hospital (Any suggestions?).
Make my way through my Disney Blu-Ray collection.
Watch ‘Best Beginnings | Bump to Breastfeeding’ DVD.
Finally, use my reflexology voucher from my baby shower for some pampering.
Bulk prepare food and freeze it for when we’re both too tired to cook.
Rewatch Firefly and start watching Gilmore Girls.
Download and play either the most recent Assasins Creed game or Lego Jurrasic Park on PS4.
Research & buy a new blog template (I think a makeover is way overdue).
Read Calm by Michael Acton Smith from cover to cover.
Get all the last minute bits & bobs; a lamp and chair for her room, milk bags etc.
Treat myself to a new pretty mid-year diary, pens, stickers, and get started on a blog planner.
Go to Lush and stock up on bath bombs.
Housekeeping tasks; carpets cleaned/Alfie groomed/nursery dusted/baby clothes washed.
Go on a date to our favourite restaurant.
Bake banana bread.
Pack my hospital bag.

Fit car seat.
Finish my birth plan.
Eat chocolate.

What would be on your list?

Anything I’ve missed?

I’d love some suggestions for relaxing/chill out music for my playlist.