Pregnancy | 5 Things I’ve Missed Most During Pregnancy

I know that come this July I’ll be all teary writing about how beautiful and magical my pregnancy was and how much I miss carrying my bundle of joy, but, right now, at this exact minute, I’m in a hormonal ranty mood. My back is killing me and I’m grumpy as hell, so today’s post is all about the things that I’ve missed these past eight months…

1. I’ve really not missed alcohol all that much, in fact, the smell of it tends to make me a little queasy. I’ve never been a big drinker, however, as the weather warms up I’ve found myself craving a freezing cold Strawberry & Lime or Mixed Berry Kopparbery cider, and to be honest, I wouldn’t say no to a frozen strawberry daiquiri right either. Hello Spring!

Pregnancy | 5 Things I've Missed Most During Pregnancy

2. All the smelly cheeses. I adore strong, stinky cheese, so having to give up my stilton and broccoli soup, my favourite brie and cranberry panini at The Pancake Place and my baked camembert wheels has been tough. Mould-ripened and blue-veined cheeses are only safe to eat in pregnancy if they’ve been cooked as apparently they’re the perfect environment for harmful bacteria, such as listeria, to grow in. Listeriosis is a rare infection, however, even a mild form of the illness can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth and severe illness to a newborn baby so I’ve just decided to stay well clear, cooked or not.

3. Sleeping on my belly & back. Trying to find the perfect sleeping position even with Stanley, my pregnancy pillow, (anyone else like to give inanimate objects names? No? Just me? Cool.) is a painstaking process. I wake up with cramp in my legs, back pain, pins & needles in my arms and breathlessness, top that off with a baby wriggling around uncontrollably in my tummy and good luck getting a good nights sleep. I’ll be able to sleep when she arrives right? Right!?

4. Coffee. Back in December, I ordered a delicious festive limited edition salted caramel cappuccino and nearly projectile vomited it over the poor staff in Costa. Classy. All of a sudden the smell of coffee took my nausea to a whole other level. Thank the Lord this seems to have subsided and I can actually walk into Waterstones without hitting the deck.

5. Opening my wardrobe without bursting into tears. Okay, that’s a little dramatic but I literally have one dress, three tops and one pair of maternity jeans that now fit. The store close to me that even has a maternity section is New Look and their choices are utterly abysmal. Why do shops think your fashion sense suddenly goes out the window when you’re preggers? I’m already completely self-conscious about my body so wearing old-lady nursing bras, huge knickers and baggy, misshapen t-shirts do nothing to improve this!

So basically my plans after labour consist of heading over to Costco and stuffing my face with one their mahoosive wheels of camembert, downing cups of coffee and glasses of cider, whilst wearing everything in my wardrobe that actually fits me Joey Tribbiani style.

What things did you miss most whilst being pregnant? Wearing cute shoes, taking flu medication, being able to stay awake and being in control of my emotions and bladder are also pretty high up on my list!