May’s Degustabox | The Surprise Food Subscription Box (£6 off Promo Code)

It’s Degustabox* time! If you didn’t already know, Degustabox is a monthly lifestyle box that contains newly released, innovative food products from well-known brands at a discounted price. Each month, for only £12.99 including delivery, you receive an array of surprise products (many of which are completely new to the market), discounts, promotional codes and sometimes, recipe cards. You can also unsubscribe at any time, there is no commitment or contract. Last month’s box was full of big brands including Nestle, Popchips and Pimms. Check out my full review of April’s box here. Let’s have a look at some of the products available in this month…

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code)

Kallo Yogurt Topped Rice Cakes & Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes (£1.29/£1.69)
These guilt-free treats make a great alternative to sugary choccy biscuits and nibbles. The yoghurt coated rice cakes are made with wholegrain brown rice and make for a perfect mid-morning on-the-go snack. The chocolate rice cakes satisfy my sweet cravings whilst containing only 78 calories per cake and are also vegetarian and coeliac friendly.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Kallo Natural Snacks

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies (£1)
My favourite item in this month’s box are these, black in colour and black in humour, fortune cookies. Full of crude, brutally honest and hilarious predictions these surprisingly tasty novelty treats give you a hilarious, but ultimately bleak, glimpse into the future.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Misfortune Cookies

Mrs Crimble’s Clasic Madeleines (£2.10)
Each pack contains six individually wrapped, crumbly but fluffy, gluten-free madeleines. The vanilla flavoured French sponges are ideal for lunchboxes and are incredibly light and moreish.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Mrs Crimble's Madeleines

Cranes Cranberry ‘Cider’ (£1.90)
Degustabox subscribers were lucky enough to receive two bottles of this fruity twist on a traditional cider. Cranes is a 4% alcoholic beverage brewed from crushed cranberries and added fruit juice. They 100% natural, low in calories (99) and contains very little added sugar. My enthusiastic guinea pig (my husband) was more than happy to take these off my hands and enjoyed their fruity, refreshing and crisp flavour in the back garden during a glimmer of sunshine we were lucky enough to have last weekend.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Cranes Cider

Beloved Dates Nectar (£3.50)
Gluten, wheat and dairy free, Beloved Dates Nectar is made from 100% pure dates and makes for a great sugar alternative and honey replacement suitable for vegans. It’s natural, sweet caramel-like taste is delicious on porridge and pancakes.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Beloved Date Nectar

The Wonderful Company Snack Packs (90p)
Both their high-quality almonds and pistachios are sun-ripened in their California orchards and packaged in handy snack-sized packets for convenient and responsible snacking throughout the day. Both nut varieties have a distinctive taste and crunchy texture which will help curb your sweet cravings and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - The Wonderful Company

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey BBQ Glaze (£1.99)
Infused with the popular smoky flavour of Jack Daniel’s liqueur, this smooth, sticky glaze can be poured over meat and veggies or simply used as a dip. The dip is incredibly sweet, dark and contains a slightly boozy kick.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Jack Daniel's Honey Glaze

Garofalo Pasta (£1.99)
This corkscrew shaped pasta is made from high-quality durum wheat and is shaded using a bronze die which apparently gives Garofalo pasta its premium taste and texture. We go through an incredible amount of pasta in my household so this product is very welcome in my store cupboard. I love how it’s unique shade gives adds a touch of variety at dinner time.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Garofalo Pasta

Pomegreat Pomegranate Juice (£1.49)
I’ve already been lucky enough to try this delicious pomegranate juice drink when I made cocktails last Halloween for a girl’s night in. The ruby-red beverage is packed full of flavour and is the perfect alternative to the boring old varieties that usually fill my fridge.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Pomegreat Juice

Get Fruity Bars (£1)
Another fruity product this month is the 100% natural Get Fruity apricot, orange and ginger bar. Each bar contains gluten-free oats and virgin coconut oil and no refined sugars. The Get Fruity bars come in six chewy varieties and are available in Waitrose.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Get Fruity Bar

Brioche Pasquier Croissants (£1.80)
Finally, we have another delicious breakfast treat from French family favourite: Brioche Pasquier. The pack contains four wrapped packets of two deliciously flaky all-butter croissants, free of preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial flavours. I love to warm these up in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy them warm with raspberry jam.

Lifestyle | May's Degustabox (Review & £6 Off Promo Code) - Brioche Pasquier Croissants

This box contained quite a few natural and gluten-free products which was a fun change. I loved the addition of the Misfortune cookies this month; it’s great to discover new and innovative brands like this through Degustabox. The croissants and pomegranate juice have made for the perfect breakfast combo this week and I love all the individually wrapped snacks I’ve been able to enjoy on the go. My hubby loved the Crane ‘cider’, especially the Strawbery & Kiwi variety and enjoyed dipping his chips into the amber-coloured sticky Jack Daniel’s glaze.

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What’s your favourite product this month?